Document management isn’t what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. Gone are the endless piles of paper on our desks. Now, digitized files are the standard for most businesses. However, digitized files, like physical ones, present their own unique challenges in terms of storing, organizing, and sharing. 

That’s where Worldox comes in. Worldox is an all-in-one document management software solution for businesses of any size. Read on to discover what Worldox can do for your files and your business. 

What is Worldox? 

Worldox is an advanced Document Management System that controls, organizes, and manages all of your files in one place. Worldox ensures that you and your team can access the right information when you need it without hours of confusion and searching. 

What Problems Does it Solve? 

From lost files to sharing issues, Document Management can create difficulties. Worldox tackles the issues left unsolved by other document management platforms to make sure you are getting the most advantage out of your files. Here are the problems Worldox can solve for you: 

  • Time-wasting Document Searches 

Annoying “document quests” can take valuable hours out of your work day. Worldox’s innovative solution ensures that your documents are easy to find and will not get lost in the shuffle. By maintaining all your files in one place, Worldox eliminates downtime spent searching for the right documents. 

  • Ignoring Files  

Many other document management softwares completely ignore types of files that are not “relevant” to their own purposes. For example, a dedicated billing software typically ignores information and documents shared in email. Worldox manages every form of information that is important to your business. It also integrates with other platforms, such as email  or other softwares, so that all of your vital information is stored in the same place. 

  • Sharing Documents Between Employees 

Sharing documents between employees can also be challenging. Sometimes, one team member’s documents are not available to another, even when sharing is necessary for a project. This can happen especially when employees are out of the office on sick days, holidays, or working remotely in general. Worldox makes it easy to share documents between different employees so that your whole team can work together efficiently. 

Some other useful features include the ability to create a favorites list and to easily retrieve accidentally deleted documents from the salvage bin. Worldox also allows you to sort files into categories like “Sent,” “Received,” “Proofread,” and “Need Signature.” 

What Products Does Worldox Offer? 

Worldox offers several different products: Worldox Professional, Worldox Enterprise, and Worldox Cloud. Each product is customizable and designed to fit the individual needs of your team. Let’s break down the differences a bit further:

Worldox Professional

Worldox Professional is the most traditional option with on-site deployment. It is the perfect solution for businesses who wish to store, organize, and access their data through one streamlined product. Worldox Professional is recommended for businesses with a single office. 

Worldox Enterprise

Worldox Enterprise is best suited for businesses with multiple offices and remote access environments. This version of the software features an add-on server component that allows fast connectivity from on-site desktops and remote devices. Worldox Enterprise also offers solid MS Office integration. 

Worldox Cloud 

Worldox Cloud offers all the advantages of the previous two versions of Worldox to businesses who choose to store their information in the cloud. Benefits of Worldox Cloud include frequent automated backups, world-class technical support, and rigorous security standards. Best of all, it’s good for your bottom line. With Worldox Cloud, you don’t need to purchase any hardware. Instead, you pay a low monthly fee for all your document management needs. 

Since 1988, Worldox has been delivering state-of-the-art document management solutions to businesses. With three different versions and endless useful features, Worldox lets you take the hassle out of document management.