Document management is one of the most daunting tasks for any business, especially in the current era, where more than 2.5 quintillions of data are produced every day. Businesses are no more limited to physical documentation since everything has become digitized. There is no doubt that digitization of documents has made everything easy for businesses as now firms don’t need to deal with piles of files and papers. But still, even with digitized documentation, it needs to be managed well, and that’s where the different products of Worldox become useful.

The basic problem with most of the document management products

Most of the document management products are able to manage only those documents which are related to their own functions and everything else is ignored by them. In such cases, some specific documents like billing will be considered by the document management product while emails will be ignored. This type of biasness or we can say incapability of document management products make it very difficult for the business to bring all documents together for clients, projects or legal matters.

The limitation of not being able to identify documents becomes an obstacle for a business, especially when it is on the evolving phase. As with growth, businesses need more convenient access to documents and files. There is no doubt about the excellent collaboration capability of some of the document management products. But, even those products don’t allow the user to have control over how or where the documents are being stored.

How worldox solves this problem?

worldox allows users to manage their documents easily. The products from worldox are specially designed to make document management seamless and hassle-free. With the help of this amazing document management product, you can manage, control and organize all your documents. It also allows all the employees to access, edit and save information, regardless of where they are and in which form the information has been saved. The limitation in identifying and considering file is completely wiped out, and you are able to capitalize on the benefits of easy and effective document management.

The best part about worldox is that it allows evolving businesses to tune their document management protocols according to their changing needs and demands. Along with this, worldox is also the exclusive provider of Sony Digital paper to the legal market. The digital paper allows you to save documents in all forms and carry the robust device anywhere they want. The digital device from Sony, along with the integration of worldox, adds notes and allows you to share and save your documents without any hassle.

Different Worldox Products

Worldox Professional

This traditional product from worldox is fulfilling the needs of effective document management from more than two decades. This on-site product offers state of the art document management solution, and it is being used from 1988. The newly added Active Profiling capability will surely take a document and email management to the next level. The reworked interface allows employees to save time and still be productive with their document and email management efforts. All the incoming and outgoing emails are monitored by Worldox and even adds a folder to Outlook while assigning client matter information.

Worldox Enterprise

If you are managing a multi-office environment and looking forward to building a secure remote access environment, then Worldox Enterprise will be the best option for you. It comes with an add-on server component through which you can boost the speed of connectivity from on-site desktop, remote offices and out-of-office machines. The best part about the Enterprise versions is that it offers users a centralized server which enhances remote accessibility capability. It also wipes out all the hurdles of easy document management for multi-office businesses. The four highlighted features of the Enterprise version which makes a better option of document management are as follows:-

· Fully featured
· Centralized system for managing multiple offices with secure and seamless access.
· Hassle-free MS office integration
· Similar User Interface in all the cases

Worldox Cloud

The specially designed cloud solution offers you the best of both worlds. On one side, you can unlock the power of the cloud and on the other side; you can take advantage of the fully featured and easy to use interface. Most of the businesses looking for a remote centralized data center model opt for Worldox cloud without any second thought. The cloud version offers you automated back-up on the cloud server, bank-level security, flexible remote access with full control, round the clock technical support through a team of highly skilled IT professionals who are well versed in solving IT issues and zero download technology. If you want easy Worldox cloud hosting management, then Preemo can be the best option for you.

Some very useful features of Worldox which you should know

· Follow me favorites

One of the best features of Worldox is ‘follow me favorite’ through which the secured document management platform remembers what you did. Each time you save a document in Worldox, it creates a favorite that will appear in all the other places. So when you save or access a document, you will have the option of your favorites through which you can auto complete the fields.

· Categories

With the help of ‘categories’, you can organize specific files above and beyond the given profile structure. Some of the most common categories options given in Worldox are ‘Need signature’, ‘Sent’, ‘Received’ and ‘Proof-read’. You can make the categories public, private or in a folder. You can also use the categories as part of the tags filtering process.

· The Salvage Bin

If the administrator doesn’t require users to salvage delete then assigning people on recreating file which has been accidentally deleted is very normal. But through the salvage bin feature, you can save a lot of time and effort. You will just have to search for the doc ID, and you will be able to retrieve the information.

Worldox is easy to use and powerful document management platform that offers a wide range of products for different tasks of document management. From a centralized server to bank-level security, Wordlox has got everything which you need in order to manage your information without any hassle.