Wireless Network Deployment

Do you need to cover a large area with wireless connectivity? Our team can perform a detailed analysis to determine the proper network setup for optimal coverage. Trust Preemo for your next wireless network project.

When we decided to implement scanners in our warehouse, we needed a reliable and secure wireless network. Several companies bid the job, but Preemo spent the time to properly evaluate the space and prepare a detailed proposal and project plan. Once we contracted with them, the project was executed on budget and on time, and we now engage with them to monitor and maintain the network. I’m confident in their abilities, and they have been a great vendor to work with.

Patricia Oppenheimer

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How Does Preemo Deploy Wireless Networks?

There’s nothing worse than a spotty or ineffective wireless network. You require consistent, secure connectivity throughout your facilities so users can access company resources and work efficiently without interruption. Preemo specializes in exactly that—deploying rock-solid wireless connectivity at an affordable price. Whether you’re a small, growing business that requires one access point, or a large enterprise with multiple locations or an extensive coverage area—we’ll execute a top-quality solution.

Network and Protocol Analysis, Wireless Network Monitor Services and More

  • Wireless Network Architecture and Deployment
  • Coverage Analysis and Remediation
  • Wireless Security Auditing and Hardening
  • Large-Scale Enterprise Wireless Mesh

Be more productive with continuous connectivity.