Network firewall has become more of a necessity for all the firms out there rather than an option. And when it comes down to the possibilities of a network firewall, then the list is very long. Because of so many options, many firms get stuck with some fancy-sounding and hard to believe features offering firewalls.

If you stick with consumer-grade products, then there are maximum chances that it will not fulfill your business needs. There are many network security hardware, platforms, and software for firms that are highly expensive and are not even user-friendly.

All these changes with the Cisco Meraki firewall. This is one of the most advanced firewall options that offer an utterly centralized cloud management system. If you choose Cisco Meraki, you will get better network capabilities, greater security, and even a comprehensive control application.

It doesn’t matter the size of your network or how sensitive the data you are using on your network is. Each network out there is prone to risks, which is why using advanced firewalls like Cisco Meraki has become more of a necessity.

Advanced malware protection
The one thing that you will have to keep your network secure from is malware. You should know that malware is a type of malicious software program. So, you can say that any software program designed to infiltrate or cause damage to your network without the consent of the owner is known as malware. This malware can come in different sizes and shapes.
Well, the good news is that Cisco Meraki will provide you protection against every type of malware out there. It doesn’t matter which type of malware is trending in the market; this advanced firewall will provide you protection against all.

Anti-virus and anti-phishing services
If you are looking for an ideal firewall, then it must offer you anti-virus along with anti-phishing services. You should know that there is no way you can stay safe in the modern era and deal with the trending online attacks without a proper security layer against viruses and phishing. And since these are the two most common tools used by online criminals, the firewall from Cisco has got you covered for these two instructions as well.
When you are using the advanced firewall from Cisco, you can be sure that any virus used against your network or system will be repelled well, and the same will happen with any phishing attack.

Automatic intrusion detection and prevention
You should know that intrusion detection is the process of keeping tabs on the events happening in your network and then analyzing these events to find signs of violations, incidents, or any threat to the security and safety policies. While on the other side, intrusion prevention is conducting intrusion detection and then taking actions to stop the intrusion.

The good news is that when you are using the Meraki firewall, then your system will be protected against any intrusion since the Meraki firewall, just like the Sonicwall firewall, comes with automatic intrusion detection and prevention features. So, this means that you will not have to deal with intrusion detection and prevention manually.

Content filtering tools
When you are running a business, your company’s network will be used to go through different types of online content. There is no way you can restrict anyone from going through any content unless you use a ban to specific websites. But instead of choosing the long way, you can go for the advanced firewall from Cisco, and it will filter the content through its content filtering tool.

There are many different types of hidden security risks when it comes to online content. By having the Cisco firewall, you can make sure that your network is not being targeted through malicious content on the digital platform. Even a Sonicwall firewall will offer you this power.

Firewall rules based on geography
There are different web requests from many countries that are not allowed or blocked. But since this type of web request banning or allowing depends on the country you live in, it can sometimes become difficult to set rules of the firewall according to the geography. But it would help if you were happy to know that you will not have to deal with such restrictions while dealing with the firewall from Cisco.

This firewall comes with the option of customization through which you can easily set firewall rules based on the country’s geography, which makes this firewall one of the best choices.

Why choose Preemo?
If you are looking to use the Meraki firewall in your network, partnering with Preemo will be ideal. We are Meraki firewall experts, and this is why through us, you can make most of this powerful, customizable, and advanced firewall. We will assign firewall experts for your service, and we will even use tried and tested methods to incorporate the firewall into your system.