There are many businesses who are not aware of the benefits offered by the use of cloud backup solutions, and Preemo is a good source to show the importance of using the cloud as a backup. There are many reasons to make the switch along with the possible cost of transitioning to cloud backup. You will need to understand the advantages offered by using the cloud, and businesses want to ensure they understand the disadvantages before they consider it to be the correct option.

Reasons to Use a Cloud Backup

Businesses who are straddling the fence should be aware that switching to a cloud backup will not require any cost for new infrastructure. You can use the existing infrastructure. Businesses should also consider cloud backup because it allows quicker to recover information compared to other methods of a backup and recovery of data. Backing up data with the use of tape can be expensive for businesses, and use of tape translate to having to store older tapes in a physical storage space. The extra storage will be another cost for businesses to cover. Backing up data to the cloud simplifies the data storage process, and once the procedures to save data to the cloud is in place, it becomes almost automatic. The use of cloud backup solutions makes data storage nearly worry-free.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Cloud Backup

Cloud backup can be more reliable than other methods of backing up data. A business can do a full backup of data that includes backing up an entire system including the operating system being used. By using cloud backup solutions, a business will have access to backed up data anywhere and anytime. Businesses who use the cloud to backup data should expect lower maintenance cost. A good advantage that can be gained by switching to a cloud backup, it is affordable. The disadvantages of cloud backups are the use of servers from third-party could be a problem when servers go down, internet connectivity must have high speed to ensure data remains accessible, and Bandwidth used for data, if it’s not Unlimited, can be costly.

Cost of Switching to a Cloud Backup

Preemo can help businesses better understand the costs associated with the use of switching to a cloud backup. Bandwidth use to move data can be costly when it is large amounts of data. Network Egress is associated with moving data from the cloud, and vendors usually charge businesses for it. The size of data is a factor to influence the cost of moving data. There will be a cost associated with storage of data that would go to third-party vendors. Storage of data may translate to the use of more servers or cost of manpower used to monitor and maintain the servers. Some businesses will face retrieval fees when retrieving data, and it can become costly if a business retrieves data a lot.

There are many reasons to switch to different cloud backup and with help of a reliable source such as Preemo can help determine why a cloud backup is necessary for business, It will be enough to make the transition.