Running your business smoothly can be hard since there are threats that affect operations such as system breaches. It’s estimated that 1 in every 5 business either established or a start-up is at risk of cyber-attacks. This is a deliberate attempt by hackers to access, alter, expose, and steal your business information. Your business’s system is vulnerable to being breached by individuals and competitors who seek to have an advantage over you. You can only protect your corporate and financial information by hiring a professional like Preemo who deals with cyber security. This computer security specialist assures 100% protection of your company from attacks by:

• Creation of a security system

For your business to be secure it needs an appropriate data security system that will prevent any breaches. They will set up a firewall that’s between your computers/ network and the internet because internet connection easily gives outsiders systems access. The firewall will block any requests that are unauthorized, therefore, will defend your business system from potential threats. With this system in place, the possibility of a data hack occurring is reduced therefore safeguarding your company’s information.

• Managing identity and access to your business network

Your business computers should only be accessed by employees but there is a possibility of other individuals to gain access (identity theft). That’s why you need a specialist who will control network access through the login identity authentication. You and your employees will be identified by the system by a username and a unique password. This is a digital identity management technique that only gives authorization to users who can log on to the network. If an employee is fired, the login details are changed to protect your data.

• Preventing the loss of data and fraud

Data loss can be caused by a system malfunction, human error, software corruption or an attack by virus and malware. To avoid this, the Preemo technicians will back- up your data of coming up with preventive measures like installing an antivirus to prevent virus manifestation. Also, they can recover lost data even if it wasn’t backed up.

Cybercrime is a threat to your business since they can use malware to obtain your accounts information. This information can be sold to your competitors who want to know your operations so that they have an advantage point. This crime has contributed to companies losing an average of $450 Billion per year. The computer security specialist will monitor networks, detect breaches, set up authorization measures and act immediately there is a hack to prevent fraudsters.

• Investigations and forensics

Preemo computer security specialist has the knowledge, skills, and resources required to handle investigations of cybercrime activities. They can identify any vulnerability in the system by inspecting running processes to check for any suspicious activities i.e. malware manifestations. In case of a breach, they can identify the source of the hack and come up with the best ways to prevent a similar event from occurring in the future. Also, they help restore data to its original state by determining the data that was accessed, erased or modified.