Why Preemo?

Preemo is set apart from the rest of the IT support services only because of our understanding about what other firms need in terms of their IT support service requirements. Preemo has been around for over a decade, providing unparalleled IT support while being reliable and proactive. Not all IT companies are the same, and we at Preemo believe technology is supposed to assist us not be a liability, which is why we try to explain everything in a way that is understood by others because we do not use tech talk when explaining something to someone who may not get it that way. This is why we use plain-spoken English to explain things to you.

What Makes Preemo Better than Other IT Services In Our Region?

We are reliable and we pride ourselves on doing a great job as we have a 10-year track record of fantastic references that speak for themselves. A firm cannot sit around waiting for someone else to show up and fix their IT problems. Also, we strive to stay on time and within your budget. We are cost effective for you because we provide you with well-thought-out invoices with IT Management services charges that are approved by you for your Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Solutions that we can provide.

Preemo Offers Excellent Customer Service

We mean what we say when we give you customer service without jargon. We dispatch great IT support technicians who can resolve tech-related problems for your business. We offer pay-as-you-go pricing like remote support, and preventative maintenance provided during after-hours work so that you can focus on your business operations. We also have access to innovative technology that can improve your systems, so as to make them more reliable.

We have been rated amongst the top 3 Consulting and Cloud IT Companies in South Florida, 4 years in a row while providing cloud based disaster recovery solutions. Preemo offers a team of expert consultants who can help businesses as they budget, plan, and execute complex IT projects that need to be done in a timely manner. You need to amp up your team, in order to expand your companies’ IT support without the added liability of hiring your own employees. You will get dedicated project management, expert and advice from certified and competent staff, as well as ongoing support. Try Preemo Today to experience our superb customer service.

You Can Trust Us

Preemo is on time and professional about our IT knowledge. We offer exceptional support provided by experienced IT technicians, who are there to resolve issues in a prompt manner that shows we pay attention. Our help desk responds quickly to all IT support needs that include network support, server management, disaster, and hard drive recovery as well as virus removal. We strive to fix your Internet issues. All you have to do is request service from our team, while we perform the requested support as we send you the bill after we’ve completed the work on cloud based disaster recovery solutions.