At Preemo, we know firsthand how important IT Support is to our clients. As the world of business moves increasingly into the digital age, businesses have more IT support needs and questions than ever. If you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do for your business in the realm of IT, a Managed IT Service Provider like Preemo can help!

One particular category in which we provide expertise for our clients is Server Management. We maintain, protect, and oversee your server infrastructure 24/7 to stop problems before they arise and reduce downtime if they do. We also provide Server Room Management services, in which we manage the design, layout and organization of server/data rooms for our clients. 

 Server Management 

Your servers are the backbone of your business’s IT infrastructure. For those who may be unsure, a server is a device that processes requests from and delivers data to other computers through the internet or a local network. Servers manage your files and help your devices communicate across a local or wide area network. Thus, a well-managed server is crucial to the success of a modern, connected business.

We provide our clients with many specific services under the umbrella of “Server Management.” We manage all aspects of your server infrastructure from installation and configuration to backup and disaster recovery

Our other server management services include 24/7 monitoring of the server to make sure that its programs are running properly and efficiently. We remain constantly alert to any potential problems that could affect the health of your server.  We also make sure that your server and its software are as up-to-date as possible and update them if necessary.

Server Room Planning and Management 

A key way in which we help our clients manage their server infrastructures is by managing the rooms in which their servers are stored. An IT Managed Service Provider like Preemo can help design and maintain your server/data rooms to make sure they are optimized for your business. 

A good server room has many requirements in terms of temperature, layout, and security. At Preemo, we oversee all these aspects to create a space that works. We begin by creating a digital visualization of your data room in our design program and drag and drop different components in to customize the layout. 

This is helpful for two reasons. Firstly, it allows us to plan the room holistically and to optimize the location of each server or piece of equipment. Advance planning ensures that you do not begin installing equipment and cables without the proper space available. Secondly, a company’s IT needs and the technology available to meet those needs can change quickly. Planning the server room digitally allows us to leave room for any other equipment that may be added over time. Our team at Preemo knows how crucial it is that a server room be adaptable to our clients’ future growth possibilities. 

Safety and Security 

Creating a visualization of the server room also helps us maximize the space for safety and security. Though a server room may seem like a simple concept (it’s just a room full of hardware, right?) it can actually be a hazardous place. It is possible for equipment to overheat and even start a fire, especially if it is improperly stored. Our advance design will make sure all your equipment has the airflow it needs and space to cool down if necessary. We also plan for the placement of air units/temperature control devices in your server room. 

Security and access are some of our top concerns when designing a server/data room. It is important to plan out who has access to the server room so that your equipment and information remains safe. In our design, we will plan out all the points of access to the server room and figure out how to keep them secure, whether through a keypad, keycards, or other methods. 

Once the server room is set up, we also send our clients detailed reports and metrics on their server environments monthly.

Rack Diagram Organization 

Another key aspect of your server room that we oversee is your rack organization. A rack is a supportive framework used to contain your servers and other hardware. Racks allow you to store your hardware and equipment while minimizing the amount of spaced used. However, it is unwise to begin installing equipment in a server rack without advance planning. 

At Preemo, our first step is to create a virtual diagram of your rack setup. As with our server room design process, we can drag and drop in all the different elements of your rack to make sure they are in optimal position and that you will have enough space to house them.   

When designing your rack diagram, we take into consideration everything from size and number of servers, to airflow and accessibility of switches, monitors, and keyboards. We also create a plan that allows the PDUs providing power to your hardware to be clearly visible. 

A disorganized or cluttered server room can cost you time and money. Hiring professionals to plan your room and racks in advance helps cut down on confusion and downtime in your server room. 

Why choose Server Management Services 

In a hectic business climate, you don’t have time for IT headaches. Hiring a professional for server management saves you time, money, and frees you up to focus on what matters to your business. If you’re looking for top-notch server management services or any other IT solutions for your business, click here to get a free quote: