Network Security Breaches are something that most us don’t want to think about. Not even businesses, oh they may think that have IT support on hand, and safeguards in place so no problem, right? Not necessarily, unfortunately in today’s society with hacking becoming more sophisticated to the point where even what we use to believe were the most secure systems such as that of the Internal Revenue Service has been reported as having a security breach that made them vulnerable. Unfortunately just having this information falling into the wrong hands is just the beginning of the nightmare that will come from a network breach.

The Costly Consequences of a Security Breach

The first and perhaps most costly thing of such a breach is the revenue lost from it. Data reports have determined that companies that have experienced a security breach have reported a loss of revenue up to 30%. Not only due to the hacking itself but due to the second reason, this is costly, once informed of the hacking hits the general public it ruins the companies reputation and could cost them valued customers. It could also lead to stolen information or even ideas the company was working on. Then there are legal fees, and money to put out new PR campaigns to try to get back customers. If that isn’t enough there are those who do hackings to do online vandalism, which includes making changes to the website or file documentation that leads to other problems.

Why IT Security Services can help

So, what is an effective way to combat this problem before it ever happens? Well, some good advice would be to consider outsourcing IT Service to a company that specifically specializes in Managing IT and that will include IT security services on a whole. Yes, some may say why not just handle this in their own company? In answer to this question, IT Support services companies specialize in handling these services and all that they entail and some have a solid reputation for being dependable and easy to communicate such as the Miami based IT Support company known as Preemo.

Why Preemo is Dependable IT Support Company

Not only does Preemo handle IT security services but this is just the start of the quality IT Support that they offer their clients. It is considered one of Miami’s tops consulting firms for a reason. The company offers a free quote to new customers, it provides a platform that includes services such as IT Cloud Support, Managed IT Services and On Demand IT Support. If that wasn’t enough the company prides itself on always monitoring systems to make sure everything is secure. They also pride themselves on providing excellent customer service guaranteeing to always be on hand for their customers to talk to in order to cover any and all concerns. If that wasn’t enough they also realize that support can’t be cookie cutter there are different businesses with different security and IT support needs. Not in the Miami area, not to worry some online research about the various types of IT support out there can help to find as solid a reputation as this one.