Technology has transformed every industry. Now businesses and professionals have moved over papers and spiral binds to the age of software applications. But just when people started thinking that the era of applications is the best technological advancement, cloud computing came into the industry. And in this blog post, we are going to talk about one such cloud-based software application that is very useful in the law industry, and it is known as ProLaw.

The competition in the law firms has increased by many folds, and this is why law practitioners now need to keep themselves ahead of others. But gaining a competitive advantage over large law firms that are using the latest technology and covering big markets is not an easy feat. This is why you need the advanced ProLaw software solution. By using ProLaw software, you will be able to save time, money, and get expected results from your efforts. So, let’s dive into the world of ProLaw and understand it in a detailed manner.

What is ProLaw?

ProLaw is legal practice management, document management software that also acts as an accounting solution and is considered a one-stop-shop for all the legal and accounting needs. This advanced accounting software has been specially designed for medium-sized and large firms that have more than six users. By using ProLaw, law practitioners can enhance their efficiency and become more productive. One of the best things about ProLaw is it is cloud-based, and that allows you to unlock the power of the cloud while working on a simple UI.

You should know that ProLaw is developed and marketed by Thomson Reuters Elite, and it is used by attorneys for managing organizations. Most of the small and mid-sized law firms in the U.S use ProLaw as it fits like a glove to their needs. In the era of essential and straightforward web design law practice, ProLaw acts as a feature-rich, all-in-one software solution.

How does ProLaw benefit your law practice?

Save time and money with ProLaw

Financial Management – In addition to acting as a robust document management and legal management tool, ProLaw also acts as an advanced accounting solution. This is why, with the help of this advanced software solution, you can manage your general ledger, reconciliation, books, budgeting, accounts payable, and much more. You can also generate detailed but easy to understand financial reports that will be very useful for your law firm. In addition to this, the accounting features of ProLaw also help you in automating time tracking and expense management. And thus, you can save a lot of time and effort while minimizing manual workload.

Billing – In addition to acting as an all in one accounting partner, ProLaw also helps with your invoice. Invoicing and billing become very easy with ProLaw, and law practitioners can provide flexible billing rates, fees, and much more. But the best part about the billing through ProLaw is that you can also accept credit card payment. The ProLaw Client Pay feature allows attorneys to receive payments from clients in different ways, and that makes the payment method quite easy for both clients and attorneys. One can print and customize invoices for each case and reflect a flat rate or hourly rate through this system.

Time Management – The ProLaw automatic timer allows you to track billable hours without any hassle. If you are using ProLaw, then you can track billable hours even while using Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF file. There is a unique notification system that is baked right into the software, and this notification system asks you whether you want to track hours while working on any of the applications mentioned above. And since it is optimized for mobile, you can track billing hours even while on the go. So, by using ProLaw, time management and time tracking become a pie.

Calendaring And Email – Managing everything according to the calendar and planning is very important for attorneys because missing a date can result in a reject of lawsuit hearing from the court. But with ProLaw, you will never miss an appointment or case date. You will need to sync ProLaw with your Outlook calendar. After that, when you will schedule an appointment or mark a to-do-list, ProLaw will keep track of everything. You can also link your Outlook account with ProLaw as this advanced software solution doesn’t have its email platform.

Document Management – Storing, accessing, and editing documents becomes very easy with ProLaw. You can store different files with a case and include documents, images, videos, notes, and audio files with it. In addition to this, you can also cross-reference files with different clients. Documents can also be automatically converted into PDF and can be displayed in various formats as per your choice. Every single piece of file related to a case is very important, and that’s why you should always choose a safe storage platform for it. ProLaw comes with various security layers, and after hosting it on the cloud, it becomes an ultra-secure platform.

Case Management – The best part about ProLaw is that it helps attorneys in their case management. Attorneys deal with multiple causes, and sometimes it becomes challenging to keep everything on the right track. But with ProLaw, you can include calendar view, get reminders for important dates, and access data from any corner of the world. This advanced legal management software allows attorneys to manage the entire lifecycle of a case, and that’s why it is so famous. With easy case management, attorneys can serve their clients in a much better way.

ProLaw is surely the no.1 legal management software that helps attorneys with their accounts and document management as well. From building custom invoices to setting reminders for due dates, ProLaw helps legal practitioners in many ways.