Certified. Bona fide. Legit.

Building a reputation that’s described with words like those is every business’s goal, but it’s easier said than done. Credibility takes a lot of time and some serious diligence to achieve, which is why we’re so excited that our lead technician, Jovary Hill, has become a certified Apple Technician in Systems Integration.

Trust us, Apple doesn’t hand these certifications out like Halloween candy. Their name and reputation is on the hook for services they aren’t providing, which rightfully scares any business from validating another to work on their products, certifiably. Too many computer repair shops don’t see the value in getting certified. The process involves lengthy course programs where an 89% on the final exam counts as failing grade. But we see things differently.

“With technology changing at an exponential rate, it’s important for us to be current with new technology, deployment strategies, and business regulations,” Jovary says. “Our certifications are part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, built on a foundation of knowledgeable, trained technicians.”

“Jovary is the finest young man I’ve ever met. He’s honest, capable and knows his craft extraordinarily well. We’re so happy we’ve found Jovary and Preemo to take care of our office’s computer needs.”– W. Tuckerman Biays

Preemo’s goal is to simplify technology for our customers. The only way we know to uphold our 100% satisfaction guarantee is to be experts in every aspect of the our industry. That’s why we have worked so hard to become partners with both Microsoft and Net Gear as well as become certified by A+ and Apple. We like to get our hands on software when it’s still in beta testing. We familiarize ourselves will every product available so that we can master the troubleshooting process once it hits the market. We know the servers we maintain and the computers we repair inside and out because it’s the only way to be positive we’re doing the job right.

We’re proud of Jovary’s hard work and dedication to not only Preemo but to our customers. So, next time before you head over to the over-crowded Genius Bar—give our very own Apple Certified Technician Jovary a call. You’ll be glad you did.