Designing a network infrastructure takes a lot of work and planning. It requires the designer to receive as much information on the business they’re serving as possible. Without this information, the customer will feel underserved and unprepared to run their business properly. Some questions that need to be answered during this process include: How many users does the company currently have? Is the company looking for growth? What risks are they willing to accept? Will the users be working offsite? 

The questions are endless. This is why it is recommended to have a good company as a partner in your business. Synology specializes in many IT solutions such as Surveillance, Data Protection, NAS, NAS Protection, and they also have solutions for home users. In his article, we are going to explore some of the ways they can benefit companies and why they should be in consideration as partners to the business.

I Can See You

If there aren’t any assets, that means there isn’t a risk. Any business that has any number of assets should be looking to protect those assets as much as possible. Unfortunately, not every asset can be protected, so the business has to decide what risks they’re willing to accept, which they want to prevent against. One of the more basic forms of security is surveillance. This is physical protection and is used to prevent theft in any area by deterring offenders, should the offenders choose to ignore this deterrent. It serves as a recovery tool, as well. They offer scalable surveillance, that allows businesses of all sizes to protect their assets. 

They offer centralized storage, making it easier to access the data when needed. Another section of surveillance is the ability to access certain areas of a building. Having locks on the doors and only allowing certain people into their area is just one more way that they can help businesses es protect their assets. They use its NVR solution in conjunction with its NAS solution, to not only provide the data but to protect the data as well.

Connect From Anywhere

Employers and Employees often have the desire to increase productivity and would prefer not to be hindered by their locations. Having the ability to access your files stored on your companies shared drives would be a great feature to have when working offsite. This is where Virtual Private Networks come into play. Having the ability to connect your business network from anywhere an internet connection is available can be huge in a company’s ability to meet deadlines and make changes on the fly. 

The VPN works by connecting the requesting system to the companies homesite firewall. They provide solutions that will allow several clients and sites to have access to their network offsite. They provide the hardware as well as the configuration needed to access the network. Their VPN solution is easy to deploy is another great option for any company desiring offsite access.

Virtual Machines and PCs

Choosing a PC can be difficult if you’re unsure of what your employees are doing, and how much hardware will be needed. They offer PC deployment and consulting to ensure the business is getting enough to allow for scalability, but also not more than the client will need. Having PCs means you’re going to need servers, but they can be very expensive and aren’t always necessary in some environments. Creating a Sandbox is the idea of setting up a virtual environment to test things like software and configuration changes. 

This is a good idea because you want to ensure that making changes in your specific environment won’t cause other issues or ultimately break something causing a bigger issue. They not only offer virtual machines, but they also provide centralized support for your business. Virtual machines give you the ability to host systems that your PCs will need to access. This is a good option if you’re short on resources as in the virtual machine, you can create servers.

Cloud Services

They also offer cloud services for their clients. Having access to cloud services allows for the environment to become more fluid and allows for access from any location. Here is a good example of this. Some networking equipment uses a centralized control to receive updates, and many times, this is where you will make any changes to your system. If you do not have a VPN setup in our business, and you’re offsite, then you simply will not be able to make any changes or even access the controller. 

If the controller is hosted on a cloud service, you can access the controller and make any necessary changes from any location that has an internet connection. The same can be said for hosting desktops for your users. Having a cloud service to host desktops will allow users to access their specific desktops from any location. Cloud services are a real game-changer for any business.

Musical Selections

They also offer home solutions for its customers. There are many music lovers out there, and they consider the money they spent on their music as an investment. They offer those people a solution that will allow them to organize their music and allow them to back it up. They also offer an app solution to bring your organized library to your mobile device. This tool also offers features that allow you to purchase music, which offers crisp and high definition playback. If you’re in the mood to explore, they also offer a radio feature that gives you the ability to discover new artists be suggesting songs that are similar to the ones you enjoy listening to. This is a great music solution for anyone to enjoy.

Synology is a jack of all trades type of company. Really, they’re a master of all trades as they seem to offer solutions for all types of IT needs. If you’re looking to start a business, but you are intimidated by designing an IT infrastructure, Synology would be a good business to partner with for all your needs. Surveillance, Music, Cloud Services, Pc, and Virtual machines are only scratching the surface of what this company offers you.