Virtualization is an effective technology which prove to be a beneficial investment for most of the large IT companies. Earlier, people were used to spend large amounts of money on each physical server which, is required in an organisation to accomplish the objectives.

Finally, people came to know about virtualization and started working on this newer technology. Without stretching further let’s just get straight to the point and understand what does the term virtualization mean? And how does it work?


Let me just put this in the most simplest manner, the term virtualization in IT sector refers to the process of creating software versions of something such as hardware, platform, storage etc.

Now in context to organisation, virtualization is the process of running multiple virtualized machines from one single physical server. It means that you can run a number of machines at the same time without needing any physical hardware except one.

Most of the large companies run hundreds and thousands of systems by using the method of virtualization. The smaller companies have also started using this as they get  an option to operate multiple machines, by allocating one single resource within the office.


One for many

Virtualization allows their user to access different operating softwares in different server. For example- Windows and Linux, you can use different operating software on different virtual servers, which is ultimately connected with one physical setup.

Moreover, once you are done with setting up one virtual server then you can create another one in just few mins. Now, think how much time it will take to setup multiple physical servers one by one.

Disaster recovery

Now imagine what if your system gets hacked or attacked by some virus in which you will lose all the data of your system? What would you do then?. Search and recovery of the files will take tons of time. On the other hand, in virtualization you don’t need to go through all these hassle. The data of your server will be stored in some place that can be obtained back, by creating same virtualize image again or from another server.

Save money and time

One of the most essential benefits of choosing virtualization over physical systems is money. The average computer system in market will cost you somewhere between 600$ to 1000$ which you will be needing in good quantity for the organisation. As well as, the time which you will spend on installing of those systems is also the biggest factor that needs to be taken into consideration. With virtualization, it almost cut down the cost and time to half.

Virtualization is a great technique which everyone should be looking forward to immediately. If you’re thinking to implement virtualization in your company? Then, don’t just wait, instead make an investment on this technology for once and enjoy the benefits throughout the life.