Cloud computing has become a vital necessity for businesses in today’s highly competitive digital-centric world. Several new companies are rapidly incorporating cloud computing services,  for its better storage capabilities and great ability to access the numerous of distributed computer processing. A research study shows that more than 45% of survey companies are planning to expand spending on cloud computing services. It has been seen that large-sized businesses are jumping on this trend much faster than small sized businesses.

Have you ever wondered why so many companies are heading towards the cloud?  Well, there is no doubt that businesses these days can reap great benefits from cloud computing. The sad news is that still there are few business leaders that are remaining hesitant about committing to this technology for their business. So, we at Preemo would like to a few minutes and share some of the ways your business can be transformed by cloud computing.


With cloud computing, you can reduce the size of your own business data centers or even eliminate your data center footprint completely. This reduction of the software expenses, number of servers, and the number of staff members also reduce the IT expenses without even impacting the IT capabilities of your business.


As with cloud clouding you do not have buy equipment and build out and operate a data center, that means you don’t have to spend your money on facilities hardware and several other operational aspects. On the other hand, with traditional computing, businesses tend to spend millions before they actually receive any value from its investment in the data center.


Cloud computing also offers a great security in case any sensitive data and important information has been lost. Because with cloud the data is stored in the system, you can easily access it easily even if something happens to your systems. The best thing is that you can remotely wipe out the sensitive data and information from the lost or defective machines in order to prevent it going into the wrong hands.


Cloud computing enhance the collaboration as it allows diverse groups of people to meet virtually and share information in real time with each other with the help of shared storage. This great capability helps to improve the customer service and product development and reduce marketing time.


With cloud computing your business will utilize only the amount of resources you actually need, this will help you avoid any over-provisioning. With more efficient operations and fewer data centers all around, there will be less impact on the environment. Therefore, resources are not wasted and thus energy.

So, instead of waiting more, you should adopt cloud computing services as soon as possible and transform your business completely in 2018. Interested in speaking with a cloud expert?  Get into conversation to know more about Preemo’s cloud solutions.