Back in days, there were only some businesses that had a cloud migration strategy.   But now in the current digital world, cloud solutions is anything but a new advanced field in this evolving digital era. There was a time a few years ago when moving to the cloud was just optional was businesses, most companies that usually work online are almost expected to have implemented some type of cloud storage solution.

The cloud has become an important factor in digital transformation because it can deliver a ton of viable benefits. There can be many scenarios in which your business can benefit from cloud migration. However, moving to the cloud can be a major disruption to the way your IT department works. In order to minimize this disruption, all you need is to avoid the following cloud migration mistakes with careful planning.


It’s important for every business to know that not every app is a good fit for the cloud. There are few legacy apps or apps with hard coded dependencies on specific names, that can be quite difficult to transition. These types of applications always need an upgrade before the migration. So, it’s a waste of effort and resources to move apps that are already targeted for the retirement.  It’s better for your business to evaluate the workloads and only move the apps that can make the transition process easier.


Experts suggest businesses not to rely on the cloud provider in order to keep your apps and data secure. Chances are the default configuration settings can expose the private data and information to the public internet. So, if you have decided to move to the cloud, ensure an in-depth study of the controls the cloud provider offers in order to make sure that your settings are appropriate for your apps. If possible, then try to integrate the identity management process in the cloud for making the account monitoring and provisioning process as easy and simple as possible.


The cloud provider you choose for your business handles the backup systems for recovering the data in case the device fails or any mishap happens, however they do not protect the historic data that your business needs to archive for the compliance process. It’s important to make sure that both you and the cloud provider can archive and destroy the data preserved in the cloud in accordance with the relevant regulations.

No matter, whichever cloud option you opt for your business, it’s important to avoid the aforementioned cloud migration mistakes.

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