Installing CCTV system at your home or workplace is the best way to stay safe from theft and to deter criminals, but only if you optimize it properly. CCTV system is extremely helpful in proving guilt, innocence and systematic association, and plays a significant part in vestigations by the investigators. CCTV systems are  excellent for all types of business, whether you operate a restaurant or an office.

Even if you are satisfied of having an idea of owning a CCTV system, We have outlined some tips to make the most and best out of your CCTV system effectively.

  • Right Installation

When you are sure with your decision of owning a CCTV system. Be sure to get your system installed by an expert technician. Wrong installation can lead to numbers of problems, from turn on to the blurry screens of the camera and recording. It is also advisable to keep the windows of your home clean to maintain the picture quality.

  • Correct Positioning and Mounting

Mounting CCTV system at the correct height is important. If the camera is mounted too high, the image quality and recognition will suffer and if it is  mounted too low, they are subject to vandalism. This can make your CCTV system less effective.The focal area and lens should be matched to your need, you will get clear images over a long period of time. Position of the picture also makes a huge difference to what is captured and how good the recognition is.

  • Proper Maintenance

Installing up CCTV systems is helpful but if you do not maintain and check the systems, you are skipping something really  important. Viewing daily CCTV footage is not more important,  but checking the CCTV systems are functioning every day and ensuring you do not miss any smaller day to day incidents. By watching the day’s footage will ensure your CCTV system is working well and your property is secure.

  • Reduce Cabling

Using the right equipments, can reduce the requirements of building cabling, because of less labour costs and reduces the overall cost of installing CCTV. Never leave any wire exposed, as it lead criminals to believe that tampering or cutting the wires can make make the camera stop working.  Depending on the infrastructure of the building, there are ways to reduce the cabling of CCTV including existing cabling, placing on an existing IP network using wireless CCTV camera.

  • Think Long Term

Surveillance  systems , these days need upgrading within a short period of time as the technology becomes outdated quickly.  But sometimes, you can stretch the use of CCTV systems for a long term if the right systems are selected.


A CCTV system takes the responsibility of monitoring and taking care if your property. When choosing a reliable or right CCTV system, there are lot of things needs to be considered to ensure that they work effectively.  For effective security solutions, we are there to help you, please feel free to  contact us without any  hesitation.