Unfortunately, a bitter truth of modern business is that it’s not a matter of concern of cyber attack happens to your business, but instead when it actually occurs. When it comes to your business protection, data breaches can be a quite devastating event, and these events are quite common than most business owners like to think they are. Data breach is a very serious issue that is more often than not underestimated by small businesses.

Once a data breach occurs in any business, the damage is already done, it becomes impossible to go back and stop it. The impact to a business from a data breach can be such threatening that many businesses will end up having shut down their operations within a few days of a data breach. The extent of impact depends on the business’s nature and the data that is compromised.

That’s why having a proactive IT management strategy can help your business go in a long way to prevent a data breach to occur. Follow the below-mentioned expert tips from Preemo to protect your business from severe data breaches.


The encryption of your important business data is one of the best ways to prevent being lost or compromised. In case if a cybercriminal has to decrypt the data or other information to access it, there will be a much lesser chance they will be able to try to break in. Also, backing up the business data and other important information on the cloud or other severe is also valuable. This is why the use of managed IT services has become so popular in today’s business world.


The mobility of the business landscape has increased to an extent that it is ever. No matter whether you handle the business operations from your personal devices or from the home, it’s important to set up the policies and get it audited for ensuring compliance. Ask your employees to set strong passwords and log out of each app or program after using the things.  Stressing the importance of security measures will help your employees to take them more seriously and be aware of their actions while accessing any information or links online.


While it’s very easy for business owners to forget about the IT protection once they have it set up, it’s crucially important to make sure it’s working in a proper way. Our experienced IT experts at Preemo recommended businesses to run tests on a regular basis to ensure all their IT services and equipment are up-to-date and functioning correctly. Even a minor issue can result in a severe data breach, this is why it’s so important to keep all your services and equipment tested and updated.

So, as you can see that preventing a data breach from occurring can be quite stressful since there are endless bases to cover. Our trained experts at Preemo can help you make sure that your business is protected from security breaches. If you think that your business might be at the risk of data breach, get in touch with us!