With the constant increasing issues that come along with managing a business, there is the rise in the number of businesses turning towards Managed services approach. All managed IT service providers are not always the same, and the good ones are best at what they actually do. However, unfortunately for some businesses, they have never worked with a truly genuine managed services provider. Perhaps, they have dealt with the provider who was taking the advantage of their lack of knowledge about IT. Bad past experiences with IT support provider are the huge driver for wrong assumptions once an organization finds a really great managed service provider.

To help you separate the truth from the misconceptions, here is a list of top three incorrect assumptions people have with reputable IT support provider.


From a small system problem to a big internet outage, a great IT support provider wants to help you. Every good IT provider wants to make sure that the business of their clients is up and running efficiently. If the client is unhappy and unproductive, the business’s culture and the bottom line is impacted. We at Preemo want our clients to succeed. Every issue from small to massive matters to us.


The best IT support provider not only has the knowledge about your industry, but they also take time become familiar with how your business operates. They will not only have a good understanding of how the applications and technology work altogether, but they are able to document all the applications and operations so that the technician in your organization understand the technology in the same way. A really great IT support provider know your business well and know the industry as well.


One of the essential things to keep in mind while choosing your IT support provider is trust. You want a provider that you can trust and rely on to make right recommendations based on your business interests, budget, and business goals. If you are worried about the fact that they will advantage of your lack of knowledge, you should not sign up with them, to begin with. The relationship you have with your managed service provider is a true partnership that should not be taken advantage of.  If you have a doubt that your IT provider just wants to spend your money or is only taking advantage of you, then you should look for a new IT support provider.

So, these were the top three incorrect assumptions people have about IT Support Provider. It’s better to take some time to explore the partnership before you sign up with an IT support provider and ensure that it is a right choice for your business.At Preemo, we provide the best IT support services. For more information, get in touch with us!