It’s taken three years of hard work and planning, four months of grappling with the city of South Miami for building permits, a month of construction but at eight in the morning on June 4th, all of our effort will have paid off:

The Preemo TechBar will be officially open.

We’re going to showcase a wide selection of our services at the TechBar, including everything that we’re already famous for handling over at the Preemo Headquarters. Then we’re going to top it off with some, dare we say, game-changing additions.

What’s New at Preemo’s TechBar

At Preemo, we’re all too aware of the hassle and stress that comes with emergency computer repairs. Often, there are doctoral theses, seven-figure business deals or a lifetime of photos on the line. And when you’re riding that kind of rollercoaster, there’s no need to have to deal with scheduling an appointment at the Apple Store and fighting the crowds, waiting on hold to India, or debating with a battalion of geeks that might as well be speaking Klingon whether they’ve fixed the problem or not.

That’s why, at the TechBar, you’ll be able to walk in, drop off your computer (or iPhone or iPad), have all your tech questions answered and get yourself trained on the latest productivity-enhancing tricks without needing an appointment, and without the hassle of lines, seven days a week. You can come in on your schedule and our certified, detail-oriented technicians will be happy to solve any problem you’ve been dueling with.

And while we have a hefty amount of experience handling the life-and-death issues surrounding computers, we can also simplify your day just by making your technology more efficient.

Technology, Simplified

The TechBar will be famed for its quick repair time, informative training sessions, and on-the-spot tech advice. Here are five of the menu items that we’ll be offering at the TechBar:

1) Virus Removal – At any given time, someone you know has a computer (Macs and PCs) with a virus. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Twitter was designed for sharing and no one thinks anything of clicking through links, especially if they are from a friend who says someone is saying nasty things about you. The same is true on Facebook and every other social media site. But just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Come on by the shop whenever is convenient for you and we will quickly clean up the mess with some Preemo antivirals. We’ll make sure your data is secure and help you avoid contracting any viruses in the future.

2) Mac Troubleshooting – Macs are great computers, period. Right out of the box, they are ready to go and they’re intuitive to use, too. That being said, they are computers. Any Mac that’s seen enough use will eventually show some chinks in the armor.

That’s why at Preemo we’ve developed state-of-the-art diagnostics to quickly find the root of the problem and fix it. We will bring your Mac’s performance back to where it was the first time you turned it on.

3) Laptop Screen Repair – It’s sad but true: many people get rid of their laptop just because the screen becomes discolored. It’s infuriating, sure, and completely understandable when they think that the computer doesn’t work anymore. In fact, many retail stores that employ technicians train them to say that it will cost almost as much to repair the problem as it would to buy a brand new laptop. But this isn’t true the majority of the time. More often than not, we can simply replace the screen.

4) iPhone & iPad Repair – Smartphones and tablets have infiltrated our lives and revolutionized everything from how we conduct business to how we interact with friends. Their only drawback is overuse leads to cracked screens and jammed buttons. And with the necessity of signing two year contracts combined with the high cost of insuring a phone or tablet, many people just limp through their problems. But these problems can be fixed quickly and for a reasonable cost. Drop by the shop and you’ll have your phone back before you finish your coffee.

5) Data Recovery – The worst-case scenario for everybody is losing data, that’s why we encourage everyone to have an online back-up system. But when disaster strikes, we want you to know all hope is not lost. Bring in your computer, flash drive, external hard drive or any other storage device and we bring your data back.

As we’re gearing up for our big launch on June 4th, we’re throwing a little shindig to celebrate. We’d love it if you stopped by; your first drink is on us so RSVP today. Otherwise, we’ll save you a stool at the bar.