Cloud Computing: The Future Of Web Hosted Storage services.

Cloud computing is a constant buzzword among webmasters around the world. After it was introduced into the commercial world, the popularity of it has been increasing dramatically. Some have successfully integrated it into their businesses, whereas other companies are still taking their time to finalize their decision.


However, it won’t be long before these companies migrate to cloud computing and the reasons will be completely valid. Cloud computing gained fame primarily due to the following reasons:

No Infrastructure required

Cloud computing is an online hosted service that provides Infrastructure as a service (IAAS). This eliminates the need for house infrastructure. The service is beneficial for companies in many different ways such as reducing the cost of infrastructure, providing access to data in convenient locations, and cutting the cost of an IT team.

No Software required

Cloud computing provides Software as a service (SaaS). So when a company is operating using a cloud-based service, they will not need operating software. Cloud computing allows access to accounts from any location using any platform without the need of any software to operate it. Hence the user is free from the hassle of regularly installing and updating the software.  

Why is Cloud computing getting popular

The difference in services and the minimized risks using cloud computing compared to local server hosting are prime reasons for the popularity of cloud computing. The factors favouring cloud computing are:

Security: With a local storage server, the risk of security is  always high. The security breach is  undetectable and the possibility of data theft can be stressful to organizations. However, cloud computing security breaches are easy to detect and the risk can be minimized to a large extent.

Reduction of cost: As they provide software as a service, companies can reduce the cost of certain areas such as eliminating the cost of hosting servers and an IT team. Cloud computing can be seen as a ‘do more with less’ option.

Mobility: As states earlier, a problem that arises with many companies is the topic of mobility. Imagine yourself in a meeting and you suddenly feel the need to access company data, however you cannot access it. This problem is something urgent to solve, and a solution comes in the form of cloud computing: which allows the user to access data from any place in the world.     

Data loss: Losing data because of a server crash is a major fear among companies, yet this can go away with cloud computing. This service enables online data storage that can be used to restore data back after the system gets online.

No need for hardware: Because the service is hosted online, companies don’t need to install operating systems and use hardware for storage. This can decrease overall spending.

Environmental friendly: Without electricity and 24/7 running software, cloud computing becomes more environment-friendly for consumers. Also, cloud computing has fewer data servers that allow shared hosting improve the green credentials.