Imagine if your email systems suddenly went down for an hour. A day. A week. What would it do to your business? Like most operators, you probably shudder at the thought, and that’s part of why having a professional provider like Preemo handling your email infrastructure is so important. When Preemo assumes the reigns of managing your email infrastructure, you and your staff can communicate seamlessly and without worry. While the true benefits are innumerable, here are the top four ways your business benefits when you outsource your email management to a trusted and certified team like ours.

1.  Increased security 

In this era of increased cybersecurity concern, email can be a vulnerable target of threats. An innocuous-seeming email can quickly lead to a full-blown malware or ransomware attack. In 2019 alone, ransomware from phishing emails increased 109 percent over 2017. But never fear- a great IT service provider can protect your business from an email-related cybersecurity incident.

At Preemo, we manage and maintain anti-spam and antivirus software to keep your vital communications protected. Antivirus software helps prevent, detect, and remove viruses before they can affect your devices and network. We also use filtering software to make sure your accounts are not besieged by endless spam. We are available 24/7, meaning that we can respond to a potential threat whenever it may arise. 

With proper email support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your emails are protected by a great IT Managed Service Provider.

2. Increased Productivity

An IT Managed Service Provider relieves you of the need to spend time and energy maintaining your email platform. At Preemo, we remotely monitor your email environment 24/7 so that you can focus on your important goals. 

Email downtime can wreak havoc on your company’s productivity- so much cannot be accomplished without proper channels of communication. If an issue with your email platform does occur, an IT MSP can help keep downtime to a minimum and your productivity maximized.

Letting an MSP take care of the headaches of day-to-day maintenance of your email platform means you and your staff can spend more time communicating and less time worrying. 

3. Cost Effectiveness 

Downtime without email can be not only inconvenient – it can be costly. According to a survey by Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, 98% of organizations say that just one hour of downtime can cost as much as $100,000. With email support, you can prevent occurrences that can lead to downtime such as security threats, human error, and equipment failure. It is cheaper to proactively prevent downtime than to reactively remediate it once an issue occurs. 

Hiring a managed services provider to maintain continuous email support is also less costly than only bringing in an IT professional after a problem arises. In addition to the costs of downtime discussed above, a “break/fix” IT technician will charge an hourly rate, adding unexpected costs to your monthly budget. An IT managed service provider like Preemo will charge a flat monthly rate so that your IT budget can remain consistent and predictable. 

4. Email Client/Hosting Solutions 

An IT Managed Service Provider can make the process of choosing an email client and migrating your communication safe and easy. At Preemo, we recommend Office 365 as the best email platform for our clients. According to a 2019 survey, 75% of U.S. companies said they experienced a boost in productivity after switching to Office 365. The top cited reasons for switching were ease of administration, better performance, and better support. 

Though it may be tempting to try to cut costs by choosing a cheaper email platform, we always caution against it. Given the paramount importance of email to any business, choosing an email host is not the place you want to be cutting corners. 

At Preemo, we make Office 365 migration a breeze for our clients. We handle the tough part so that you can be sure you are using the best email platform possible. Once the migration is complete, our experts will make sure you maximize productivity by fully leveraging Office 365’s built-in advantages.

In addition to our Office 365 Management Support services, we also provide full support for Microsoft Exchange Server, the mail server that allows your emails to travel from one device to another. 

With proper email support from a great Managed Service Provider, you can be confident in your choice and usage of an email client.  

The Takeaway 

Worldwide, billions of people use email every day to communicate. It is estimated that the average American worker receives 126 emails per day, according to 2019 data. The data speaks for itself: the health and safety of your email infrastructure cannot be overestimated. Email support from a great IT Managed Service Provider is the best way to make the most of your email platform and ensure your crucial communication is safe with email support. Invest in communication for your business with Preemo- click here to get a free quote: