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“Don’t think twice—hire Preemo immediately. Not only have they provided excellent IT Support for my office for five years, but they were also a key player in my expansion to our new surgical center. They saved us nearly $25,000 in IT-related expenses and made the decision-making process easy to understand. I highly recommend Preemo to a growing medical practice—they’ve been an excellent trusted partner of my office.”

Dr. John Bernstein

“As the market boomed, our company grew fast—from 5 to 20 employees in less than six months. Preemo provided an effective cloud solution for our construction management software and increased our efficiency significantly by allowing us to work at our sites as if we were in the office. Their support team answers our requests quickly, and we’re thrilled to have such a competent company as a partner as we grow.”

Arnold Foreman

“Preemo was referred to us by another law firm after our IT guy failed to show up for a week after a major disaster. Their team arrived on-site within an hour of our call and resolved the issue by the end of the day. We’ve since implemented a backup system that allows us to focus on running our law firm, and not on whether our data is safe or not. I now regularly recommend Preemo to other law firms.”

Sharon Warshaw

“We bought an agency in 2013 and outgrew our former IT company. We interviewed seven companies, and Preemo was, by far, the most experienced when it comes to providing IT Support for Insurance Agencies. Their team is familiar with our Applied Systems software and quickly integrated our newly acquired agency into our own. We’ve had a great experience with their team since day one. Thanks, Preemo!”

Jaime Torres
“Finding a trustworthy IT company in South Florida is about as hard as finding a reliable contractor. We were referred to Preemo by one of our vendors, and they’ve since become our trusted partner. With their help, we eliminated our in-house email server and reduced our downtime to zero in the past year. I’m very pleased with their services, and would be happy to recommend them to friends and colleagues.”
Aaron Anderson

“Our medical office has four doctors, and about 20 staff, so anytime our system is down, it’s a crisis. Preemo handles our support professionally and proactively, making sure we carry out the right decisions for our business. Over the past year, we’ve saved over $12,000 on IT-related expenses, and our business continues to grow with Preemo’s help. I highly recommend them to medical practices in Miami for IT Support.”

Dr. Alice Pearlman

“Our firm grew quickly in 2013, and our in-house IT guy couldn’t keep up. We decided to outsource our IT support to Preemo, and have reduced our annual IT budget by nearly $20,000. Now we have over 40 employees, and we count on Preemo for daily support, as well as management of our servers and network. They’re the best!”

Raul Torres

“Our firm hired Preemo in 2011, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Their team is professional, responsive, and delivers the same exceptional service year over year. They know we get busy during tax season, so they perform all kinds of preventative maintenance early in the year. They’re highly reputable and I would happily recommend them to my colleagues.”

Michael Garrison

“We hired Preemo last year, after a disastrous failure by our previous IT vendor. Their services have been as advertised—prompt, professional, and proactive in approach. They manage our main office in Doral, Florida, as well as two small remote offices in Atlanta and Nashville. Time is crucial in our business, and it’s nice to know that we have a competent company working with us to ensure our network is up and running.”

Philip Samson

“Our campus has nearly 200 computers, and our previous, small IT company just couldn’t handle it. Since hiring Preemo, we’ve been able to implement an iPad program for our elementary school, install new computers in all our computer labs, and set up a campus-wide wireless network that works flawlessly. The product is exactly as advertised—proactive in nature and prompt in response. We’re very pleased with their performance.”

Francis Gonzalez

“We decided to outsource our IT support to Preemo after our in-house IT guy caused some serious problems. They were able to take over and resolve all our problems, and the transition was smooth. Since then, we’ve reduced our IT expenses by over $10,000 per year, and our staff is much better supported on a day-to-day basis. Having Preemo as a trusted partner is crucial to our growth and success. I highly recommend them.”

Wendy Travis

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