The marketing budget of a real estate business is often the most overlooked factor. However, it is one of the most important part of a real estate marketing strategy. Most of the realtors doesn’t even have a real budget in place. It is of utmost importance that you create a budget and make your expectation clear to all the stakeholders.

If you haven’t set a budget, your marketing spend can very easily and quickly spiral out of your control. This can result in minimal to no metrics against which you could measure your success and you may even have to face some unexpected surprises too. A budget document or sheet will help you understand where you are going right and what is working for your real estate business in terms of marketing campaigns.

Importance of Real Estate Marketing Budget

  • There are many stakeholders involved in a commercial real estate. The last thing you want is to get into discussions or negotiations with other stakeholders in the middle of your ongoing marketing campaign. A defined marketing budget in hand will have everything explained regarding who is going to implement which part and where your money is exactly going.
  • Due to large amount of investment in one campaign, can force a business to stop their investment in other campaigns abruptly or instantly. A budget will help you test the efficacy of your marketing efforts.
  • Setting a budget requires you to consider every cost involved in a marketing campaign. It means you won’t be having any undue stress because of any missing detail.

Management of Real Estate Marketing Budget

  1. Think like an investor – Take into consideration both short term as well as long term returns. Advertisement is something where once you stop spending your money, it will lose its momentum. Whereas content provides you returns for both short and long term. Find the right process and content to create a lasting impact of your marketing campaign.  
  2. Determine your available budget – Usually, you have to set up about 10% of your total income for your marketing campaigns. In case you are earning well, spend more and keep this trend going. For more disciplined management, allocate your marketing amount to a certain credit card limit.
  3. Track your results – Don’t do the same thing again and again, it won’t give you different results. Market and marketing methods keeps on changing, so keep up with your marketing trends. Keep a track of the results that you are getting from each of your marketing efforts.
  4. Review and rebuild- Once you have tracked your results, revise those marketing campaigns that are not giving you any results. Keep on with your trial and error approach to find the best marketing blend for your real estate business. Follow the market trends and change your budget accordingly.

Have confidence in the budget that you have set. Your success as an real estate agent depends upon the harmony of your marketing plan and its budget. If you need guidance on real estate marketing plan or setting your marketing budget, get in touch with our professionals today!