The digital era seems to have made it easier for firms to start their business and run their business entirely online while directly reaching out to customers. Still, the digital platform comes with its challenges. One of the biggest challenges that the modern-day digital landscape is dealing with is security.

With each year, the number of cyberattacks is increasing at a breakneck pace. If you are thinking that you can stay safe from security threats just because you are running a small or medium sized business, you are entirely wrong. These online criminals know that small and medium sized companies have restricted budgets for security, which is why they know SMEs will be an easy target.

Because of this situation, it becomes essential to come up with an ideal network security plan when it comes to implementation. Many things can go wrong during the execution of network security, so many of the firms get help from IT support Miami. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a step by step process for implementing network security.

Analyze existing security setup

You will need to begin the process of implementing proper network security by analyzing your current security setup. While this might be a lengthy process, as you will need to go through every aspect of your existing hardware and software system, you cannot skip this step simply because it takes a lot of time. If you need guidance during this process, then you can get help from IT support Miami.

By analyzing your current security setup, you will learn what you need to improve and what has worked in the past for you. Different businesses have different types of security setups for their network, and this is why, when you work with managed IT services Miami, customized services are provided for every client.

Network segmentation

One of the biggest mistakes that many firms out there make is considering their network as an abstract eternal being. This mainly happens because, in most cases, the network is shown as a cloud on network diagrams. But you should know that your network is no more abstract than your office. 

There are maximum chances that you must already have secure areas, and you must be tracking every user while using RFID badges for access. And if you are doing so, then you will have to move further with the process of segmentation.

Classify Data

If you are operating on a high level, you should know that your network can be easily segmented based on data classification. In addition to this, you can also use the role or function basis to properly segmentation your network. Another thing to know here is that many small and medium-sized businesses find it difficult to classify all the data available on this network because it is challenging to identify every type of data on the network.

So, if you are running a small business and are working with managed IT services Miami, you will have to start classifying data based on challenges, roles, and other similar factors. This will be an ideal approach for every small and medium-sized businesses out there.

Lay Network defense

Network access restrictions

You just can’t let just anybody get access to your network because this will maximize your network’s chances of being attacked. You will have to use the power of network access restriction. This approach will make sure only authorized people are getting access to your network.

Software firewalls

The software firewall will act as one of the essential layers of security on your network. Traditionally, it was installed on the local desktop where the software is used, but with cloud computing in the picture, it is not essential to install the firewall directly to your computer.

Unit-based segmentation

This is one of the most critical types of segmentation that you can use to make your data more secure. In this type of segmentation, the basis is the unit used in the IT infrastructure. When you utilize the services of consulting firms in Miami, they will suggest using a similar kind of segmentation for better results.

Memorialize policy

The memorialize policy is used by some of the top social media platforms out there, and if you are serious about your network security, you will need to do the same. If you have never heard about this policy, you need to work with consulting firms in Miami as they have been dealing with such types of policies for better network security for a long time.

Why choose Preemo?

Preemo is the cream of the crop when it comes to IT experts. All of our experts are provided with regular training regarding the latest security standards and tactics being used by online criminals. This is one of the reasons why we excel in network security. Whether it be analyzing the current network for security or installing utterly new security protocols, at Preemo, you will get everything related to IT infrastructure management.