So, are you planning to start a new business, or your existing work is in a growth period?  A well-established business network setup can boost your productivity in one way or the other. In the earlier days, a small or mid-sized business(SMB)network implementation consisted of multiple PCs well connected to adequate file servers. But now things have drastically changed, today a small business is actually not small, even one computer system is equipped with gigabytes of a critical business information. It’s important to keep particular requirements in mind to build up a computer network for your business. Best practices for small business network implementation should always be stated with a thorough planning and an ample research.

The below-outlined considerations should be on your priority list when planning network implementation for your new business.


Establishing a budget can offer several business benefits in the future. If you fail to plan a budget, you can never know how much you are ready to spend on networking hardware, for example, switches, routers, cabling, firewalls etc. It could lead to investing on the wrong hardware or other equipment not suitable with the infrastructure. Not having a well-planned budget from day one leads to money shortages, in terms of purchasing and installing right networking hardware.


One of the first and most important considerations is how you will contact the network to the internet. It’s good if your workplace is already equipped with an internet connection, but the big question that needs an answer is whether or not the internet connection is capable to handle to handle all requirements of a new network. There is a wide range of broadband internet connection out there, all it’s requires is a little research and connectivity that is needed to before installing the network.


Business owners don’t really appreciate the need for a good security until it’s too late. When it’s about SMB network implementation, greater security needs must be established right from day one. It’s better to have pre-installed software to block malware, advertisements and spams to enter the network. It’s important to keep all the user apps and the OS software updated and patched. Consider using strong passwords for all types of file-sharers, accounts and other sensitive data.

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Training your employees must be devoted towards a good knowledge and understanding actually needed to use the network in order to prevent the security from being compromised. Staff members need to be trained and instructed on the proper use of business networking resources so as to avoid viruses and malware from attacking the system.


To sum it up,  these were some helpful considerations for setting up your new business network. For more expert ’s suggestions, contact us!