Just looking out for security trends and hiring some of the best IT professionals out there won’t be enough for keeping your business completely secure. You will need to do many other things to make sure that your firm is overcoming the tide of modern-day security breaches and developing security compliance policies, one such thing that you can do to improve the safety and security of your firm.

If you have proper information security protocols in your firm, you will keep the data secure in a much better way. Without any information security, your company will always be prone to data breaches, cyber-attacks, and leakage of sensitive information of your company. But with the help of security compliance policies, you can easily lay down the basic rules and regulations regarding the use, sharing, editing, and storage of data used in your company.

But before moving to different types of policies that you will need in your company, let’s go through the basics of policies first.

The basics of security compliance policies
One of the most important things that you will have to keep in mind is that the policy’s length has nothing to do with its effectiveness. If you think that you will stay effective just by designing a complicated and lengthy policy, you are on the wrong track. In most cases, a detailed will always be less effective.

An effective policy designed by a company providing managed IT services Fort Lauderdale will always have fewer pages, and it will be to the point. An ideal policy created by a company providing managed IT services Fort Lauderdale will always provide clear roles and responsibilities to every person in the organization.

Here are some of the most common security compliance policies designed by companies providing managed IT services that your company will need.

Security incident response policy
There is no way you can keep your firm entirely immune to different types of incidents. Still, if you have a proper understanding of roles, responsibilities, containment, and communication strategy, it will become easier for you to minimize loss. This policy will help your firm get rid of chaos after an incident, which is why it is considered one of the most fundamental guidelines provided by companies offering managed IT services.

Written information security plan
You should know that as of 2010, all the firms in Massachusetts must have a WISP policy in place. This policy will lay down the foundation of your firm’s security plans and programs. This policy will offer the basis of your firm’s minimum security controls, the security policies, along with the compliance requirement.

Asset management policy
If you are looking forward to your company’s technological footprint, it will become essential for you to have an asset management policy. This policy is considered ideal for offering foundational security controls. You can take help from companies providing IT managed service to build this policy.

Acceptable use policy
This policy will draw the outlines for acceptable use of any network, resource, or system. Every third party, employee, and the contractor should clearly understand what a firm’s resources can and cannot be used for before giving any access.

System and device baseline security policy
Before they are brought into action, network and system devices should always have a minimum security configuration already implemented. If you have this policy, you will still be aware of what is required for device and system baseline hardening.

Endpoint security policy
This policy will tell you about the minimum security controls that will be put in place in the firm’s endpoint. If you have an efficient endpoint security solution, then minimizing the chances of attack will become much easier for you.

Vulnerability management policy
Suppose you are looking forward to understanding the risk posture of your company. In that case, you must get a vulnerability management policy drafted by a third party company providing IT managed services. In addition to this information, this policy will also allow you to know how effective device and system patchings are.

Why choose Preemo?
Preemo is an IT service providing company with long years of experience in the IT industry. Although we have a list of IT services that we offer, policy drafting and implementation belong to our specialization category. Based on your firm’s size, current needs, and industry, we will help you in drafting and implementing all the IT-related policies necessary for the growth, security, and success of your firm.