There is no denying the fact that IT is growing at a significant rate. With the increasing IT requests, business is getting overwhelmed in resolving the issue, resulting in decreased efficiency, especially small businesses.

Small business owners have a lot going on in their daily routine: proper resource allocation, capital collection, production, inventory management, etc. Seldom do they pay sufficient attention to how are their IT issues being resolved, since they do not have an adequate budget to set up an IT Support team.

Not being able to adequately dedicate time to every aspect of the business especially security, leaves the business in a vulnerable state. We all know that not even humongous corporations are safe from cyber-attacks, with news surfacing every day about data breach through cyber-attack. The probability is increased manifold if the organization does not have a strong IT team, which is the case of almost every small business.

This is the reason why an increasing number of small business is investing in a Managed IT Service Providers. An MSP is an IT support and service provider that remotely manages the IT and end-user infrastructure of a business on a proactive basis.

Did you know that during a typical year, 75% of SMBs occasionally outsource their IT to a solution provider, VAR, or MSP? If this eye-opening statistic is not enough for you to consult a managed IT provider, then keep reading to know the benefits that come with having a managed IT Service Provider like Preemo by your side:


With the evolving technology and increasing IT demand, businesses are having a hard time navigating their way about it. Also, the increasing IT demand to enhance productivity has made maintaining the IT infrastructure a daunting task. The surmounting intricacies in every discipline of technology have made consulting an MSP a necessity, whose team of knowledgeable professionals will make sure that your business is able to fulfill the increasing IT demand and operates per latest business requirement.


Business processes supported by technology are required to comply with the standard rules and regulations and meet specific compliance requirements. Not all companies have the expertise and resources to have cognizance of and implement such processes that abide by these standards. This is where partnering with an IT MSP can be of use; whose dedicated team will make sure all your technology systems and processes comply with the laid down standards.


As mentioned before, businesses regardless of the size are under threat of a cyber-attack, which has made having a robust IT a necessity. Small businesses are relatively more vulnerable. An IT MSP will continually monitor the status of the IT infrastructure and staying abreast with the latest cyber attacks. IT MSP keep the business agile with their ability to provide on the support to an urgent issue, thereby making your network flexible and scalable.

Since an IT MSP offers all these and more such benefits, an increasing number of small and mid-sized business are partnering with them to enhance their business’s productivity, efficiency and streamline their management.

If you operate a small business or investment firm in Miami and are on a lookout for an IT support for managing network and security needs, you should reach out to Preemo at the earliest. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced IT solution providers will make sure that your IT infrastructure is robust and is a valuable addition to the growth of your business. We make use of latest technological advancement to provide excellent remote service to identify and resolve any issue, ensuring maximum productivity readily.