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Best Practices for IT Management for Real Estate Developers, Construction Firms, and Property Management Companies

In the real estate world, you have to keep a lot of information straight. Downtime for your network could mean delays in payments and major loss of productivity across your entire company.

If you’re like a lot of developers, construction firms, and property management companies, you most likely do not have an IT department. An entire department devoted to keeping your network up and running is the kind of expense that most companies like yours simply cannot justify. However, you do need some assistance in this area if you want to minimize downtime, ensure the security of your clients’ and investors’ payment information, and keep your business running smoothly.

Determine Your IT Needs

So how much IT support do Miami construction, development, and property management firms need? This depends a great deal on your particular company, your specialization(s) within your field, and what kind of role technology takes in your business.

For example, a property management company will have to keep track of tenants and owners, as well as property maintenance budgets, tax information, etc. A small construction company will need to keep track of budgets for each of their sites, investors’ information, and some other figures, but will not have quite the same kind of IT needs. So how can you determine which IT services you’ll need on a regular basis?

We highly recommend scheduling a free IT assessment of your business. This initial step allows your IT consulting team to get a detailed look at the health of your IT environment and infrastructure. As experts in their field, they’ll be able to find any flaws or weaknesses in your network security and to determine what kind of maintenance, repairs, and upgrades you might need, as well.

With all of that information, they can then advise you on the best course of action for your IT needs. Depending on your company, you may only need on-demand support, in which case you’ll pay for services as you go with no regular monthly payments or obligations.

On the other hand, you may need more consistent and proactive assistance to ensure that your network runs efficiently with no outages or downtime. In this case, you can choose managed IT services, which will give you 24-hour network monitoring and availability.

If you’re working late and notice a problem, your IT experts will be only a phone call or email away. If your problem can be solved remotely, they’ll fix it immediately, and if it cannot, they’ll send a professional and experienced technician to your site as soon as possible to perform any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Also, if you have a lot of employees who work remotely and/or you need access to files and work-related applications on work sites, you’ll most likely want to opt for Desktop as a Service and cloud-based servers to allow your employees remote access whenever and wherever they happen to be. This makes transitions between construction sites and/or managed properties completely pain-free and allows you and your employees full access to everything you need wherever you happen to be.

A good IT consultant will be able to analyze your network’s capacity, your needs, security flaws, and other factors to come up with the best solution and the most cost effective IT support and services for your company. For help learning how to select the very best firm for IT consulting in Miami, download our free report.

Run Your Business – Let Your IT Company Manage Your Tech

Once you’ve determined your company’s IT needs, choose the support and service option that best fits your business. When you do this, keep in mind how much assistance you anticipate needing each month. If you’re choosing on-demand, pay-as-you-go IT support in Miami, be realistic about how much support you will actually use in a month.

Often, business owners find that it’s less expensive to pay a flat monthly rate for fully managed IT services than it is to pay an hourly or retainer rate. When you have a major issue with your network or one of your servers, you may find yourself using up your month’s IT budget faster than you anticipated.

On the other hand, if you really do not have consistent need for IT services, a retainer (with or without scheduled blocks of time for service) could be the perfect route for your business.

Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Services

The days of architects and building planners laying out paper blueprints at work sites will soon be a distant memory. We live in the world of AutoDesk and AutoCAD. We have the ability to have plans, outlines, blueprints, and building codes at our fingertips on almost any mobile device. With cloud-based services, like Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and cloud-based servers, you and your employees can have access to all of those documents and more, whether you’re on a job site, at the office, or at home.

If an emergency occurs on a job site, you may not even have to go to the site, let alone your office, to fix it when you can pull up your DaaS software and access all of your files stored in a cloud-based server. Plus, off-site, cloud-based storage is highly secure and provides backups for information stored on your office servers, as well.

Start Today

If you aren’t yet taking full advantage of all of these best practices for your IT management, don’t hesitate to start the process today. Show your clients and investors that you are a true 21st century real estate business and that you’re always willing to upgrade your company’s practices to streamline your business and operate at maximum efficiency.

At Preemo, we have experience and skill with construction, development, and property management software, and we are highly experienced with setting up and maintaining networks in your field. You can schedule your free IT assessment with us online right now, or you can call our office at 305.722.7162 if you have any questions at all about our services.

Why Choose Preemo?

Your real estate company requires dedicated IT Support, and finding the right IT Company is always a challenging process. You require prompt response time and quick resolution of your day-to-day issues. Your servers and network need to be safe, secure, and regular maintained to ensure they’re running when you need them most. You need a trustworthy partner to manage your real estate company’s technology.

Preemo brings a combination of experience, innovation, and customer service that solves these problems.

  • Experienced In Construction Management Software
  • Expert Management Of Real Estate Companies Small and Large, from 2 Employees, to 200 (and more)
  • Professional Staff of Certified IT Support Engineers, Available 24/7/365
  • Monthly Reporting, w/ Backup Auditing, Security Analysis, & Overall IT Health
  • Cost-Effective Support Options, w/ Focus On Proactive Technology Management
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As the market boomed, our company grew fast – from 5 to 20 employees in less then 6 months. Preemo provided an effective cloud solution for our construction management software, and increased our efficiency significantly by allowing us to work at our sites as if we were in the office. Their support team answers our requests quickly, and we’re thrilled to have such a competent company as a partner as we grow.
Arnaud Karsenti, 13th Floor Investments
We switched to Preemo after our previous company let us down in a major failure. Preemo was able to correct the issue, installed a backup system to protect our data, and provides day-to-day support for all our employees in the field. They’re lifesavers – they let me focus on finding new projects, and managing my team. Thanks Preemo!
John Kovacs, IKON Builders
We needed a responsive company to support our agents in 6 offices, and Preemo came highly recommended. They’ve helped our agents with daily IT issues, and are able to provide good recommendations when we hire new people. Their team is professional, friendly, and really takes great care of our team, which is very important to me. I highly recommend them to my friends and colleagues.
Charlette Seidel, Coldwell Banker

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