In this present scenario, it might seem like that everyone is talking about the internet and every household product could be easily connected to the internet in the coming years. With the great advancement of technology in this digital world, there is nothing more daunting than attaching a security camera to your laptop or PC. However, with ease of wifi security cameras, there is no need to attach up to a security camera to your laptop.

A wifi security camera allows transferring photos or videos wirelessly from the camera to your laptop or PC. Wifi means these cameras don’t need wire or cables to transmit data. You can even email images and videos that you already have on your wifi security camera while you are not at home. Now, wifi security cameras can also be easy to connect to the internet. But do you think it’s a good idea?

Here is a list of a few of the pros and cons of wifi security cameras:


  • The main benefit you will get out of a wifi security camera as compared to other cameras is that you don’t have to tackle with cords to physically attach the camera to your PC.
  • With the ease of a wifi security camera, a download is much easier, you can download all your essential items from the camera to your laptop or PC with a touch of the simple button.
  • With the flexibility of viewing the videos and images on your smartphone and laptop with wifi security cameras,  you know at that time if something goes wrong.
  • With wifi security camera, the footage can also be stored in a cloud and you can view it later. The footage is of wifi security cameras is better than wired cameras.  Also, you have the ability to share things easily.
  • Wifi security camera can be easily moved and picked up, as long as you have a power point nearby.


Cleary, as with any security camera, there are some downfalls with include:

  • The existing wifi security cameras are slightly much expensive than regular security cameras. However, the cost of the device should not vary from a regular device by too much.
  • Wifi security camera is not authentic when it’s about maintaining battery power when you connect it to the internet.  Users should make sure that they have the power source available to them when they connect to the internet.
  • Wifi security camera offers the possibility of download videos and images from public hotspots. If privacy and security are essential to you, you need to be careful when you let the items automatically be download in public places.

Although there are a few issues related to wifi security cameras that still need to cope up, still the ease of use combined with great benefits make wifi enabled security cameras a perfect option. Therefore, wifi security cameras are starting to emerge. For more information and queries, get in touch with us! CCTV and Security surveillance solutions by Preemo are best to protect your business or home with high-quality storage and surveillance.