It’s quite simple to understand where a file or information does when you save it o  your computer. It lives on the hard drive, probably stored in a set of folders you have organized and created for your business processes. Your file is housed on your PC unless you save it on an external USB or hard drive. With this convenience there also comes the chances that your computer might crash or stopped working, this can cause losing every important information and file you ever saved on it. Well, this is quite a scary situation. To save yourself the effort, money and time it takes to recover from the disaster, you should understand how this situation may occur and the steps that should be taken to prevent them.

As it is a well known saying that prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent business data loss, you should follow the following tips.


Antivirus software is specially designed to protect you and your systems against malicious computer viruses. Some harmful virus infections can modify, delete your important information and sensitive data secretly and cause your laptop and computers to crash. So make sure to update your antivirus program regularly with the advanced signature and patch files in order to provide maximum security.


Many business owners underestimate the importance of backing up data and information. You should regularly backup your critical data and information. Don’t forget that your data-  the details and information of your clients and bundle of all your work- is one of the most valuable and important business’s assets. You should store the backups at an offsite location, as this can help you secure from damage in case of disaster.


Data and information on backups are not always encrypted. No encryption means that the data and information that the data or information in stolen or lost hard drives and tapes could be easily accessed by the one who had it. You should invest in a good backup and data recovery system that can backup the data and automatically perform regular encrypts and the password secure all the backups.


Data security for smartphone devices is crucial, there are several steps that you can take in order to enhance the security of the tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. In case you are using iOS or Android devices you can also take the advantage of inbuilt hardware encryption, this effectively makes the data on the device unreadable, unless you unlock with the password.


Never share or allow network access to unknown users.  Remember that the data in your computer can be prone to theft and can be modified if anyone can access the files freely.  In case you receive emails with any attachments from unknown sources, delete it without opening it.

So, these tips can help prevent data loss to your business!Our experts at Preemo can help you provide the right backup and disaster recovery solution, implement it properly with constant monitoring and notifications and resolve all the issues as they occur.