Having an IT partner for medical offices requires more than just someone to solve computer related issues. Medical offices also need a team of IT professionals who understand the medical process and work proactively to ensure that the computer systems are secure and HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act of 1996) Compliant, always up and communicating and running with other software applications include electronic health records, practice management software and other associated programs.

Maintaining the proper IT support for medical office facility’s network is quite important. Here is a list of few top reasons why having an IT partner is the best choice for medical offices.

24/7 Support

With reliable IT support services, medical and healthcare offices can expect quick response and resolutions to the computer, technology, and other server issues.  A reliable and trustworthy IT partner is available 24/7 and can resolve more than 90% of solutions quickly and remotely.

Support Plan

Medical offices should look for an IT Partner that understand Medical IT support! All everyone knows anything in a healthcare or medical office can be an emergency when it is related to the life of patients and your IT partner should know this as well. It is surprising to know that many medical offices rely upon administrations to handle IT over that are simply over their head.

Tracking And Accountability

Medical offices also have access to their own trouble ticket system so that they can easily submit and track problems. With reliable and trustworthy IT partner no more issues are going to be left unresolved.

Computer Hardware

When any medical office requires hardware purchases or upgrades, their hired IT partner can help them select and order the right tools to fit their practice. Whether a healthcare or medical office need notebooks or laptops, servers, printers, desktop and other essential equipment, an IT support will help you make a right choice for their budget and other requirements.

Security & Antivirus Protection

Industry-leading virus and antivirus protection and security are also included with a reliable IT support partner so that every system in medical or healthcare offices is protected and secured. Most of the IT services also provide no more costly license renewals every year for every computer system.  

Vendor Management

A reliable and trustworthy can also assist medical offices with their transcription, medical billing, appointment reminder, telecom services and more as it relates to the technology systems.

For more information and details on how having IT partner for medical offices is the best practice, get started with Preemo now!