The number of online attacks or ransomware cases in hospitals, however, is increasing as hackers are now focusing their efforts away from retail industries to an unprotected sector that is hospitals. More than 80% of all ransomware attacks tend to hit the healthcare centers.  These online attacks can be quite devastating preventing doctors to provide the right care to their patients. As a result, this makes the hospital more likely to pay the ransom in order to get their important files and other sensitive medical records back, encouraging hackers or online criminals to hit more medical centers.


Well, ransomware is a type of malicious software or malware, that tend to take over the systems of an organization, denying it access to the data and information stored in them. The hackers or attackers then, demands a ransom, ensuring that restoration of the access once it’s paid. This makes the payment impossible to track.

Online criminals have attacked many sitting ducks (health care centers) that they make it look like the easiest task to perform. So, being a little proactive and careful, it’s easy to make a healthcare too difficult to hit so that attackers will look elsewhere. So how can an organization prevent a ransomware attack? Our highly trained IT technicians at Preemo offer great advice to help healthcare centers prevent a ransomware attack.


This is the key you that can prevent your employees from clicking on and opening the emails or files containing a virus or malware. Every hospital should hold periodic training for their staff members. Also, healthcare firms should warn their employees not to use USB flash drives unless they are sure that the devices are obtained from a reliable and trusted source.


Healthcare centers should already have reliable, trusted and high- level security software. Unfortunately, many healthcare centers are still using outdated software for their day to day operations. Neglecting to get the latest version of your software can leave all the systems and devices vulnerable to online attacks. Also, the attackers take the advantage of your outdated software, as they are an easy target for them and you won’t be able to fight against the threatening ransomware attacks. So, don’t put off the software updates, no matter how busy you are.


Backing up your data periodically ensures that you have access to all your data and information event in the event of your systems are attacked. Also, make sure that you store data on a different network as well, criminals can hit any backups on your network. Doing this can remove the motivation for attackers to conduct any type of online attacks.

By following the above-stated pointers, any healthcare organization can stay safe by preventing a cyber attack.

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