The server is considered to be the heart and soul of your business, it’s a system that stores all your business information, files, software and an entire host of important applications that are essential for your business on an everyday basis. In this digital scenario,  when your business completely relies on the desktops for the smooth client communications and other tasks, making sure that your servers are properly maintained and safe is quite critical. In order to ensure that your servers are functioning in an appropriate manner, timely upgrades and repairs are crucially important.

The server requires timely updates, but oftentimes few business owners don’t know the warning signs and unfortunately have to work extra hard and spend more in order to upgrade their servers before it’s actually too late.

If you own a business in Miami, you no longer have to worry. Discussed below are few or the more costly warning signs that help you know when it’s the right time to upgrade your servers.


Sluggish and too slow desktops are not only frustrating, but they can decrease both the productivity and efficiency of your business. In that case, considering checking the CPU ( Central Processing Unit) of your systems, which is responsible to perform the tasks asked by your systems. If the usage of CPU has reached above 80%, it’s the right time to upgrade your server.


Once the warranty of your server expires, the manufacturer won’t be responsible for the replacement of the broken parts. Also, it becomes quite difficult to get the spare parts, and even if you get, it can cost you a fortune. So, as you can see the overall expense of keeping an outdated server functioning is quite high when compared to the expense of upgrading to a new one.


If you are not able to improve the digital security because you are running out of storage space for a download, then it’s the right time for a server to be upgraded. With increased storage space, you can not only download more files, but you can save more files and programs digitally for making your business better.


All electronics tend to become noisy when they start to fail. Once your business servers reach a certain age, they won’t be able to accomplish the same jobs easily, in the same manner, they did before. Because an aging server uses more energy to function, the fan also increases its output in order to prevent overheating. As a result, a noisy fan means that the server is working too hard and it needs to be upgraded as soon as possible, in order to prevent expensive computer repairs.


If your server displays any of the aforementioned signs, don’t hesitate to contact Preemo for professional help.