[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2] here’s a new iPad app that has gotten all of us at Preemo rather giddy recently, and we’re proud to announce it has earned the right to tout the Preemo Seal of Approval: OnLive Desktop. This FREE cloud-based service essentially turns your iPad into a PC running Windows 7, allowing you to operate Microsoft Office and more from your iPad like you’ve never been able to before…literally.

To download this free app, just go to their website and sign up for an account. Then head over to the app store and in minutes you will have full versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint available with 2 GB of space to store your files.

The Preemo Review

We admit, there is a little bit of lag-time between keystrokes and files save to your OnLive account on the web, not to the app itself. As the app resets each time you close out of it, you are unable to customize your Windows settings. That being said, Word works well enough for us to write this blog post on it.

While finally being able to operate Microsoft Office on your iPad is really cool in itself, the magic happens with you upgrade to the newly available OnLive Desktop Plus. For five dollars a month (okay, we exaggerating, it’s only $4.99) you’re also able to access the latest version of Internet Explorer. This means you can sync your OnLive account to Dropbox and finally have an Adobe Flash-enabled iPad. And for you realtors out there, with this app you can access MLS directly from your iPad.

Through OnLive, Internet Explorer saves your bookmarks and you are able to download files, but again, they only will be saved to your OnLive account and not your iPad. But never fear, you are able to save files to a folder in Dropbox making file access not only easy but available on all your devices that have Dropbox installed. OnLive is also spotty at best on 3G, you really need wi-fi for it to shine.

We’ve watched TV on Hulu and visited some other sites that use Flash and to be completely honest, using Flash through OnLive is faster than it is on our PCs. Their servers are hard-wired into the web and they do the bulk of the processing which makes the experience much faster for the end user.

We highly recommend getting the free app immediately. You can upload files to your OnLive account directly and work on them from your iPad before saving them back to your PC or Mac. We see the Plus upgrade as essential to those that rely on Flash-heavy sites and a really awesome gadget for those that don’t. OnLive Plus is also a great option for accessing files when you are on vacation: you can rent a desktop when you need it.

We see this app as a game-changer for professionals on-the-go or those who rely on flash-heavy sites. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out, but with this first step, we can tell the technology is already on it’s way.

Have you used OnLive yet? What are your thoughts?