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Who do you entrust to manage your business network? You need a reliable IT Support Company to secure, protect, and manage your IT environment. 100+ businesses in Miami trust their network support to Preemo.

We specialize in Network Support for businesses in Miami.

Downtime is very expensive for our business, so we sought out a reliable company to manage our network. We selected Preemo because they have a team of certified engineers that are monitoring our network all the time. They’ve completed two upgrade projects without any problems.

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How Does Preemo Provide Network Support?

Your office’s network is the backbone of your technology infrastructure. Having a secure and properly maintained network is critical to your business operations and Preemo’s team is uniquely trained to manage networks of all sizes and risk categories. We provide network security testing and network security audits that include router and firewall configuration, managed switch installation, wireless access point deployment, as well as data and voice network cabling. Properly securing your network involves sophisticated security testing and hardening to protect your data and your user’s privacy.

Stay a step ahead of malware, bad actors, and every possible security risk by choosing the robust network support security service provided by Preemo. We provide 360 degrees of network security, as well as  security awareness training to your employees so that your team is literate in potential risks to your network, software, and business. Our team of highly skilled and experienced IT experts have helped us to build a wireless network security system through which we empower our clients to have peace of mind as they work, protected by a network with  bank-level security.

Focus on your core job without worrying about antivirus and antimalware deployment on your network; Preemo will take care of that.

We use the best malware protection and best ransomware protection system to keep your network safe and secure. Even the most nefarious hackers and most recent security threats won’t be able to get their hands on your data or systems. We monitor your network around the clock and identify and resolve even the smallest loophole in your system in the least time possible.

Simplify your firewall administration with Sonicwall firewall and Meraki firewall solutions, which are included in our robust network support security.

Network Security & Support Services

  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Remediation
  • Router and Firewall Configuration and Testing
  • Wireless Network Deployment
  • Network Security Analysis and Hardening

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