There is no secret, the backbone of any business is information. That is why providing optimum network infrastructure and security ensures greater efficiencies when protecting important company’s data and information. Network security for any business should be a priority when considering a network setup because of growing threats of hackers trying to hack as many as systems possible.

If you own a business, then you must be relied on your network security team, as they know what is to be done and you must not need to worry about the book as everything is being taken care.  If you are thinking that your business is at a low risk of hacking, malware, and other cyber crimes because it’s too small for hackers to notice, well it’s time to change your thinking. According to a research, cyber attackers are playing a smart game and targeting small businesses more than large sized business.

So, how to determine if your network might be at risk?

This blog is going to hit the top five sure signs that help you know that your network security is at risk.


Annoying on-screen ads and messages are obvious signs of malware or virus infection. So, never click on these pop-ups, even if you see “ a virus was detected” message on your screen. Not only these messages and ads are annoying, other suspicious malware may sneak inside poised to wreak further havoc.


Some malware and viruses are designed to disabled e the security of your computer systems. So, if you are struggling opening or installing an antivirus software or the firewall, it’s a clear sign that your network is infected and is at high risk.


If your clients and business partners start receiving instant messages or emails from your business account asking them to open an attachment or link, it’s likely a virus or malware that attempts to spread to their system through your account. In case this happens with you, change your account passwords immediately.


If you notice extremely active hard disk of your systems making constant noise or spins, even when you are not using the system or no running programs. If your hard disk performance is suspicious, then the culprit may be a virus and it’s a sign that your network is at risk.


Don’t have an antivirus installed? Well, it’s strange to know how can a business be so unprotected? If you don’t have an antivirus installed when installing run it to remove virus or malware. Set the antivirus to scan your system regularly and keep it updated to protect against cyber attacks and threats.


Your business’s network is the lifeblood of your IT infrastructure. Having a maintained and secured network is important to any business operations and our network security team at Preemo is highly trained in order to manage networks of all sizes. For more information on network support & security, contact us!