Small to Mid-sized Businesses( SMBs) are most favorite targets for the criminally minded hackers. Small and mid-sized businesses own limited resources but are likely to have larger gaps in their network security because there no enough reliable funds to get spread. Network security should be a  top priority for every business owner. Luckily, by taking few precautions, SMB’s can easily avoid the online threat and eliminate any issues that threaten to arise. When you consider that your network security is up to the mark- it’s not difficult to see why one breach could affect your business.

Below are a few key areas where a little additional protection can definitely go a long way to prevent a business loss.


A strong internet security is the first line of defense against cyber crimes, so the free version of whatever antivirus software that came with your system is not going to help at all. In case you have a limited budget, then you can use a free antivirus version as a base, but it’s better to set automatic upgrades with a thorough monitoring option. But, if your business also run online, then you should definitely opt for an updated version of antivirus software that is remotely monitored by experts.


Ensuring that your software is properly patched and updated is the first important step towards being fully secured. If your software providers are repeatedly instructing you for updates and patches, don’t ever ignore their advice. These instructions are often created in response to detected faults and weaknesses, especially when it’s about the antivirus or operating system. In case you don’t have an outdated software, the protection is just a waste of time.


With virus attacks and other online threats on the rise, installing an antivirus program must not be enough to safeguard your business. One of the best ways to ensure a fit chance data recovery in case of theft or any other disaster is regular backups of important data. With a backup and disaster recovery solution, it’s easier to backup your important data to an external hard drive. You can also take advantage of several online automatic data backup and recovery solutions.

Preemo can offer you a right backup and disaster recovery solution at an unmatched price, implement it and then also provide ongoing support.


Because of their portability, laptops are usually at higher risk of getting lost or stolen when compared to company’s desktops. It’s critical to take some extra security measures to make sure that the sensitive business data is protected. Don’t ever leave your laptop anywhere, especially in the car. In case you do it, locking it into a case is a good option.


By following these principles and beefing up your business network security, you leave cybercriminals with no other option but to mind their own business and data. If you are looking for best Network Support & Security Solution, you can trust us! Get in touch.