If you’re a fan of Mozy, the online backup & archiving service, you’ll be very pleased to know they recently launched a full-featured iPhone app. According to CNET:

Released last week for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, the mobile version of Mozy allows users of the service to retrieve and view their online files directly on their mobile devices. Before you can use Mozy on the iPhone, you need to set up a Mozy account and then install the client software on your computer from where you back up your files. Once that’s done, you can access any of those files on your mobile device.

Here at Preemo, we’re very proud to be a Mozy Affiliate, and happy to recommend their products to any of our clients. The simple user interface, easy setup and configuration, and seamless integration with either Windows or Mac operating systems makes it the ideal choice for backing up and preserving important data. The addition of the iPhone app makes Mozy a potential competitor for online file sharing services such as Dropbox or Box.net.