Collaboration is the key to success for any team and this is why businesses are always on the hunt for the best collaboration platform. Lack of collaboration directly affects the productivity of the team as teamwork is nullified in a poor collaborative environment. But thanks to technology, we are now using different advanced collaborative platforms.

The technological advancement has completely changed the way employees collaborate within a business. The influx of technological solutions has now given us many options of group messaging app. But one particular solution that stands out is Microsoft teams. The best part about this seamless group messaging app is it comes completely free with Office 365.

Let’s dive into the world of Microsoft Teams and go through everything that you need to know about this great group messaging app.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a cloud bases group messaging app that comes along with Office 365. It is the part of Office 365 suite of apps but also offered as a standalone product. You can use Microsoft Teams for video calling, messaging, calling and sending files. This cloud based messaging software is not limited to any industry or size of business. So, it doesn’t matter what is the size of your business or in which industry you are, you can use Microsoft Teams without any hassle.

You should know that Microsoft Teams integrates with other Office 365 suite of applications like PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Exchange. The Microsoft Teams was launched in March 2017 and just after six months; Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams will take the place of Skype for Business Online in Office 365.

How Microsoft Teams can be used?

You can either download the Microsoft Teams as a standalone application or you can use it as a web page where you will have to log in with your Microsoft account. The web page of Microsoft Teams can be accessed through any normal browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. You can easily share files through OneDrive by using Microsoft Teams and even seamlessly chat with the different members of the group that you have created.

What are the core components of Microsoft Teams?

There are many components of Microsoft Teams that make it stand out from the crowd and we are going to discuss some of them.

Chat Function – The Microsoft teams chat is one of the most widely used components of Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams chat can be used between groups, individuals and teams.

Teams And Channels – Channels in Microsoft Teams are conversation boards between group members. The teams are based on these channels.

Document Storage in SharePoint – Every employee that will be communicating through Microsoft Teams will have a site in SharePoint Online. This site will have a default document library folder. All the files exchanged on Microsoft Teams will be automatically saved on SharePoint.

Video Conferencing – You can have a high quality and uninterrupted video call with your employees and clients outside your firm through Microsoft Teams. Having a seamless video calling feature on a group messaging app which is cloud based is very advantageous.

Online Meetings – With the capacity to host up to 10,000 users, the online meeting is one of the most unique and useful components of Microsoft Teams.

Audio Calls – Audio conferencing feature is not available in many groups messaging apps but that is not the case with Microsoft Teams. Anyone can join an online meeting over an audio call.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Teams?

Improved communication and increase in productivity

If the different forms of communication are not available on a single app, then all your efforts of improving the collaboration in your organization will go astray. Switching platforms for different forms of communication is not only time taking but cumbersome as well.

Microsoft Teams improves communication between employees by providing video calling, calling, messaging and data sharing, all from a single point. In addition to this, you can further improve the performance of Microsoft Teams by integrating it with various add-ons. With improved communication, the productivity of your employees also improves.

More focus on the main job

By using Microsoft Teams, your employees will be able to prioritize their time in a much better way and focus on their core job. The compartmentalization of information into channels by Microsoft Teams wipes out the need of going through an inbox that contains different messages from different people. The channel provided by Microsoft Teams is comprised of documents and conversations that are related to the topic of the specific channel. So, instead of wasting time on filtering the inbox and opening only important messages, employees are able to work on the compartmentalized channel and save a lot of time.

Better Transparency

One of the biggest hurdles of communication channel for most of the firms is to make sure that everyone is aware of what is going on and it can only be done by keeping everyone in the loop. But with Microsoft Teams, you will not have to worry about putting people in cc or who to invite in an important meeting.

Microsoft Teams allows you to post your email or message in the related channel, mention the employee whom you want to notify and let the employees decide whether they want to read it or not. You can also choose to make the meeting visible to everyone so that you can increase transparency while communicating and keep everyone in the loop.

Advantages of cloud digitization

Shifting to a digital workplace of cloud offers you many advantages. The cloud based digitization gives your employees the flexibility to access the information from anywhere, at any time and by using any device. The cloud based infrastructure also allows you to harness the advantages of some of the innovative technological solutions like artificial intelligence and big data processing.

Microsoft Teams acts as a single point for all the different types of communication channels that your business needs. From video calling to online meetings, Microsoft Teams fulfill every type of business communication needs seamlessly and securely.