Preemo, we’re all about focusing on the next generation. Our industry is one that will forever be changing and that’s why inspiring the minds of those who will go on to make Steve Jobs look like a chump is right up our alley. That’s one of the reasons we happily brought on board our new intern, John.

John is a Miami native who happens to be entering his sophomore year at McCallie, a boarding school in Tennessee (think Phillips Exeter). We gave John a break from learning from our team and going on multiple off-sites to sit down and talk to us more about who he is, his plans and what he’s learned from interning at Preemo.

Preemo: You’re heading into your sophomore year in High School–do you have any plans for what you want to major in when you get to College?

John: Not yet. I think I want to be a realtor after I graduate college, though. My dad’s a realtor–and I like learning from him and seeing how his job works.

Preemo: No big plans to jump into the tech industry after working with us?


[laughs] I don’t know. This has been fun. I guess I’ll have to figure it out.

Preemo: So, what’s your favorite part about Preemo so far?

John: I like taking apart the computers. I got to completely take apart a netbook the other day just to see if I’d be able to put it back together.

Preemo: Were you able to do it?

John: [laughs] No. But Ivan said it was okay if I broke it while trying as it was going to be recycled anyway.

Preemo: Was there a certain job or project you found to be the most interesting?

John: Taking apart an iMac was pretty cool. It was neat seeing all the pieces that go inside the Mac. The iMac was in need of a new cd drive. You’d think that would be a simple task, but it took a lot more pulling apart of the computer than I thought it would.

Preemo: Is there anything that you’ve learned that you think you’ll take back with you to McCallie?

John: I definitely won’t be building custom towers anytime soon.

Preemo: For our readers, is there a tech gadget or device that you’d like to recommend?

John: Well, in time for school–I’d say an Asus Laptop. I really like mine.

Preemo: Do you think you’ll get to keep the uniform when you go back to school?

John: [looks down at his own polo] Yeah, pretty sure I do.

Want to land an internship at Preemo? We offer intern positions year-round to High School and College students looking to expand their resume and learn a little bit more about technology and business. To apply send us your resume, a short intro about yourself and why you think you’d make a great addition to the Preemo team.