Miami businesses have options when it comes to IT consulting. When you discuss them with an IT company, you’ll be able to choose between managed IT services and pay-as-you-go IT support services. While both of these options have a number of benefits and advantages over hiring a full-time, on-site IT and tech support employee, it can be difficult to figure out which of the two is right for your business.

If you hardly ever have tech support or network issues, a pay-as-you go IT support service may seem more economical; however, this option does come with some risks. If you haven’t experienced technical difficulties with your servers lately, you might be lulled into a false sense of security thinking you won’t need monitoring or proactive and preventative maintenance.

In a worst-case scenario, your system may suffer a massive malware infestation, for example. With the pay-as-you-go option, you may end up spending an entire month’s worth of IT support in a single week.

Flat-Rate Pricing is Cost Effective

Managed IT services provide unlimited support for just one flat rate per month. Should that malware attack occur, you’d receive all of the assistance you need without increasing your monthly bill. You won’t ever worry about going over-budget on your IT support services and you’ll be covered for all IT issues.

Proactive Monitoring

Another benefit of managed IT services over pay-as-you-go IT support in Miami is that you’ll get proactive monitoring of your network environment. Expert technicians will keep an eye on your systems and devices at all times by utilizing advanced monitoring software. Combine monitoring with employee alerts and your managed IT services company can spot network issues before they become major problems.

With a pay-as-you-go service, you’ll only get reactive assistance based on problems that you and your employees have noticed with your network, workstations or backup equipment. While this is better than no tech support at all, it’s definitely not ideal and falls short of the mark. It makes more sense to pay a flat rate to have experienced professionals look out for problems before they occur.

Preventative Maintenance on a Monthly Basis

Monitoring isn’t the only proactive part of managed IT services, which also provide regular monthly maintenance on your network, servers and workstations. Your IT company will make sure that all of your systems are updated and in good health to keep your business running at optimum efficiency.

If you choose a pay-as-you-go service, you’ll be in charge of all of your regular maintenance, which will require you to hire a full-time or part-time IT employee or to allocate another employee’s time to this task. In this case, you’ll still have to earmark more funds from your budget to IT care.

Your network and IT infrastructure are essential to keeping your business running and you don’t want to trust maintenance and management to anyone but an expert, right? With that in mind, why would you take an employee off the tasks that you hired them to perform and assign them work that they really aren’t fully trained to do? It’s better to avoid any potential pitfalls. For greater peace of mind, simply pay an affordable flat rate each month for experts to handle all your IT needs.

Unlimited Remote and On-Site IT Support

Remote calls and on-site services are integrated into an unlimited managed IT services package. Pay-as-you-go IT support also offers this kind of service on an as-needed basis, but you’ll have to keep an eye on the clock. If you have an outage and a tech needs to pay an office visit to correct the problem on-site, you’re likely to deplete much of your allotted IT budget for the month.

You won’t have to worry about going over budget if you choose an unlimited option. If your system experiences technical difficulties, your employees can call your IT company any time for troubleshooting problems, which can either be solved remotely or by sending a technician out as soon as possible. This arrangement won’t cause any variations in your monthly bill. You’ll rest assured that you’re covered for all IT issues, large or small.

Priority Services by Your IT Company

A flat-rate managed IT services package also offers faster service than a pay-as-you-go option. As a managed IT customer, you’ll get priority service – your calls and on-site visits will be first in line. Choose this option if you want royal treatment to minimize downtime or to prevent it altogether.

Think of how much revenue you can lose in just moments of server downtime. Now think of jumping to the front of the line to fix your server problems immediately to avoid prolonged downtime. That’s what you get when you choose managed IT services over a pay-as-you-go support package.

At Preemo, we offer both managed IT services and pay-as-you-go IT support in Miami. Whether you want us to monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure at all times or you just need us for a few services on-demand, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a free IT assessment today learn about how well your network is doing and what we can recommend to keep you up and running.