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Mac Screen Repair Miami

broken_macbook_screen You dropped your iMac and the screen cracked. Your son, in a heroic defense of Gotham, sent your Macbook Air flying

[1]across the living room and into the wall, shattering the screen into a thousand pieces. In a fit of rage at your boss for taking credit for your genius idea, you slammed your Macbook Pro shut a little too hard and you even heard the screen crack. Or maybe you brought your laptop into the sauna to listen to music and, unfortunately, you came out with a discolored screen.[2]

Whatever happened, the computing part of your computer made it out just fine but the screen is on the wrong  side of disastrous.[3] You would take it to the Apple store but they assured you that your warranty ended two weeks ago and you would be better off tossing it out the window and dropping another grand on a brand new, very expensive Apple laptop. And just between us, when it comes to a damaged screen Apple will always make you replace the entire top of the computer regardless of the level of damage–they will never replace just the screen–thus charging you an arm and a leg for the new half of the computer.

Put the wallet down, we beg you. You have options and you don’t need to line the pockets of Apple’s shareholders. You just need to drop by our offices here at Preemo.

We hate to see perfectly good computers that have years of utility still in them move on to the computer graveyard due to nothing more than a faulty screen; you wouldn’t buy a new car if your windshield got cracked, would you? Why treat laptops any different?

No matter how close your screen may resemble Humpty Dumpty, we can put your computer back together again. Our superb Apple technicians can insert a new screen at ludicrous speed. How you ask? Simple. You aren’t the first person to have cracked or damaged their screen.

Come in today and let us save you time, money and trouble. Or request a free estimate below.

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