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Mac Keyboard & Trackpad Repair Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-12.59.25-PM When it comes to computers, very little is more frustrating than using a keyboard with a couple of jammed keys or a mouse pad that has a lag. It is that itch you just cannot scratch, that hangnail that throbs like the dickens, that piece of food stuck in your teeth when you are miles from the closest toothpick. Your train of thought derails and that moment of inspiration evaporates, leaving you to grind your thoughts out for a couple of additional hours. In the end, you are left with something in less than the stellar condition you could have whipped out in a quarter of an hour, save for the fact that you were distracted and delayed by such a feisty little problem.

This is where Preemo steps in.

We recognize that you need your keyboard and mouse pad operating at full speed in order for you to get the most out of your iMac, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. Time is of the essence and Miami already has enough slow-flowing traffic on the roads. There’s no reason to slow your work rate down simply because of a few jammed keys or a non-responsive mouse pad.

Don’t let a sticky Apple stand in your way. We can get your keyboard and mouse pad working like new again in such record time that you can get back to work, school or play as soon as, well, yesterday.


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[1] That’s not entirely true. We here at Preemo have not yet (keyword: yet) figured out how to travel through time. We do have a concept time machine mocked up, but the coconut shells aren’t conducting enough electricity to get the plankton to swarm in a counter-clockwise fashion…but if we do figure it out sometime in the future, wouldn’t it make sense that we would go back in time and tell ourselves how we end up doing it? But then again if time isn’t linear, we have simultaneously created this machine with which we can travel through time and we have yet to create it, which would mean that yes, we can get your keyboard and mouse pad working perfectly as soon as yesterday. So there, no need for this footnote just as there is no need for said time machine as we are already traveling through time.