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Logic Board Repair Miami

logic-board-repair-miami When something is just not right with your iMac, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, but you just aren’t sure what, odds are the problem lies with your logic board.


Before you waste even more time with yet another employee at the Genius Bar nearest you trying to repair the same logic board issue that has been hounding your computer for months now, why don’t you stop on by our main offices in South Miami instead? At Preemo, our skilled technicians are more familiar with Apple computers than the good ol’ fashioned retail employees found at the mall. With over 20 years of combined experience diagnosing and repairing Apple computers, our team offers a faster, more efficient answer to any issue you may be facing currently with your Mac’s logic board.

Unlike some of the other guys, our service doesn’t come with a limited time warranty. Instead, we’re backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We even go so far as to say that even after we repair your computer, if you continue to experience the same issue—we’ll repair it again, free of charge. We know you’re more than just another number waiting in line for the day. Our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the best possible computer repair but also our quality customer service at unbelievably competitive prices. See, we won’t trick you into buying an extended warranty or heck, even a brand new computer when all your logic board needs is a simple tweaking. We work with your best interests in mind.

When you bring your computer in, we know that there is so much more at risk than just a faulty D/C jack or video card. For us, computers are personal. Saving your files, pictures and data is as important as ensuring that your computer continues to work properly at its highest potential.

So, if your computer is displaying errors or has experienced smoke damage, been around extra furry cats, barely survived a hurricane or a warm bath in coffee—don’t worry. We got your back and your logic board too. Come in to our offices today and get the Preemo experience.

[1] A logic board for a Mac is the same thing as a motherboard for a PC. Why did they make that change? We’ve wondered the same thing for years. We think of the logic board more as the nervous system of a computer, not so much the brain of the show. But since the nervous system is housed in the spine, and the spine is an extension of our brain, it could be considered part of the logic system. Okay Apple, we’ll give you this one.