Disasters are the uncertainties that can happen at any given time and can cause a lot of harm to your company and organization, making you a loss of more than millions of dollars by deleting all the data from your systems. Therefore, there should be a disaster recovery system in place to recover all the data that is lost because of any disastrous activities caused by the organization. We at Preemo help you in recovering all the data that is lost in a disastrous activity by implementing the correct IT infrastructure in place within your organization.

Selecting an IT Service Provider is considered as a big decision that you have to take for your company. You need to find a trustworthy partner who lends support to you and offer top-quality service with professionalism, integrity, and prosperity. At Preemo, we use technology thinking that it should act as an asset to a firm or organization and not a liability. We play a crucial role in your organization by making sure that the asset delivers the best service to you and your company.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Creating efficient backups within the organization is an important task for the professionals if they want to make sure that their operations run smoothly without losing any data during the disasters. How your data is protected, is always the main question raised by the professionals. Well, in order to protect your data, you will require an effective backup software to secure all the valuable data and information that you have. We ensure that the best backup solution is in place in your company to ensure that you will be able to quickly restore all the data that is lost because of disaster issues.

At Preemo, we hire skilled and talented employees who have the appropriate knowledge and expertise in architecting a proper solution in place, implement it in your organization, and then offer ongoing support.

What do we do?

What if you don’t have an effective disaster recovery system in place? What if you lose all the valuable data that you have? What happens after that? If you have all these questions in mind and are looking for answers, then we are here to assist you in getting the answers. Technological failures occur and are not short of any natural disaster, hence having a contingency plan becomes necessary. We at Preemo offer data recovery services in such instances by implementing the right IT infrastructure in place. Your information and data require proper back-up plans at both the places; at the on-site place and offsite in the cloud environment.

Additionally, you will require test backups to monitor the data recovery procedures from time to time. Our team will assist you in architecting the appropriate backup solutions, help you in implementing it properly in your organization with monitoring, notifications, and alerts features being installed in the computer systems. This will help your organization to resolve all the issues that arise at that particular time itself.

Benefits of choosing us

Although, there are many benefits of choosing us because of the services and products we offer that not only helps you in recovering valuable data during disastrous times, but also helps you in protecting them. Some of the best benefits you can enjoy by hiring us are as follows:

  • Minimize Downtime

When any sort of disasters strike, the first and foremost thing for your organization is to protect the valuable data and information of the clients. With the help of our solutions, you will be able to place controls immediately as soon as the disasters strike. This will help your systems to operate at the fullest potential and quickly restore all your systems within a short duration of time. Our experienced technicians take pride in themselves on responding immediately or within 60 minutes and help you in restoring your operations to normal mode.

  • Lower Costs

If you are running a business, irrespective of the size of the business, you will need to rely on solutions that also help you in keeping the budget low and meeting all the expenses of the company as it is planned. You can rely on us when it comes to offering the best price to provide backup services and best recovery solutions to deliver the best performance and experience to the clients and customers at an affordable price.

  • Maintaining Compliance And Risk Rules

The consequences become worse when the downtime occurs for any organization. With organizations tied to several industrial rules and regulations to operate in a country, there are also some basic requirements of laws that have to be met in order to run the operations smoothly in all the countries. If you are worried thinking that whether your organization is meeting all the compliance and regulatory requirements, then don’t worry. We ensure that your organization doesn’t misses a single clause and meets all the requirements and adheres to all the compliance policies to avoid any sort of violations or legal issues in the region. You will be able to generate income as we take the headache of meeting all the regulatory and compliance requirements, making our customers happy and satisfied.

What services do we offer in disaster recovery sector?

Although, there are a lot of services that we offer to ensure the business continuity of an organization, here are some of the best services that we offer in the disaster recovery departments:

  • Filing and enhanced backup solutions

We offer filing and backup solutions in image level format so that it becomes easier for you to determine what type of product or service you had offered to your clients and customers in case of any disasters.

  • Hard Drive recovery services and catastrophe remediation

We ensure to recover all the lost data from your hardware and have properly remediation plans in place.

  • Disaster recovery documentation and strategic planning

We ensure proper Disaster Recovery Planning and implementation of strategies to deal with the issues caused by any disaster. We also document all the risks involved in the operations so as to place proper controls to mitigate it.

  • Sandbox testing and implementation

Our services also focus on testing sandbox requirements and verify it before implementing the solutions in your organization.