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Laptop Screen Repair Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-10-at-1.40.15-PM A shattered screen may work well enough for your smart phone, but it really doesn’t fly with your laptop. Whatever the cause of your screen’s death may have been,

[1] our Preemo technicians can give you back your Dell, HP, Sony Vaio, Lenovo, or Acer laptop as you now only fondly remember it – intact, glowing and ready for action.

Too many people assume that once a computer screen starts to fade or discolor that it means their laptop has hit the skids. We’re here to say that isn’t true [2]. In fact, after a short visit with our IT service professionals right here in South Miami, your computer will be able to reach its full life potential – which, by the way, is a lot longer than what some IT repair companies may be telling you.

Whether you’re experiencing dead pixels, discoloration, dimming of your screen, a cracked screen or cracked glass, or unwelcome lines on your screen, we can repair your screen quickly and efficiently. If your entire screen needs to be replaced, at Preemo we provide you with the same exact screen that originally comes with your laptop. We don’t offer phony knock-offs or provide you with a screen that doesn’t match your computer. Also, due to our relationship with over 20 suppliers across the country, we are able to provide screens that were purchased within the USA.

Request a free estimate, or just stroll into our offices in South Miami at your earliest convenience – our Preemo technicians are waiting to get your screen back in tip-top shape.

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[1] Hard drives, motherboards and the casing around your computer can take much more of a beating than your screen can. That’s not to say that if your screen is cracked everything else should be fine; a drop off from the top of one of the towers in Brickell is going to destroy your computer (but don’t worry, there is a chance we can recover the data). We’re just saying, come let us take a look at the damage before you leave your computer for dead. We might be able to save you a wheelbarrow full of money.

[2] We hate to see perfectly good computers that have years of utility still in them move on to the computer graveyard due to nothing more than a faulty screen; you wouldn’t buy a new car if your windshield got cracked, would you? Why treat laptops any differently?