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Laptop Optimization Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-7.38.07-PM Ever notice how your car runs so much better after a tune-up? You get the oil changed, the filters replaced, all of the fluids topped off, new spark plugs put in and the thing purrs like a well-fed cat.

And have you ever noticed the same thing happen to your laptop? Have you seen how it boots up faster, runs smoother, and just plain feels sleeker after you have regular maintenance done? Standard maintenance can extend a computer’s life well beyond what its manufacturers tell you. A few tweaks every couple of months can greatly increase your laptop’s ability to function more efficiently and at a higher rate.

If you want to see what we’re talking about, stop by our offices in South Miami today and we’ll optimize your laptop’s performance quicker than, well, the Road Runner makes Wile E Coyote look foolish. Our skilled Preemo technicians will update your operating system and your driver, clean out any excess programs sucking up your memory and remove the ever-present computer killer – dust. We will also ensure your system is secure from viruses and hackers because, to us, computers are personal 


Whether your laptop is a Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony Vaio, or Acer laptop (or any other brand for that matter) we can have it running like new in no time [2]. And if you are crunched for time, we have a tiered pricing plan so you have the option to get your laptop running perfectly right away.

So, why wait any longer as you work off a laptop that is running sluggishly? Come in to our offices in South Miami and have your computer optimized today.

[1] Here at Preemo, we understand how many sensitive files people keep on their computers and how easily credit reports and more can be ruined by an unsecured system. We won’t let you leave our offices without watertight security.

[2] And we won’t try to get you to replace parts that work just fine. This is where our patent-pending one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee comes in. If there is some component that may need replacing, we’ll tell you what it does and why you might want to replace it.