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Laptop Motherboard Repair Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-08-at-7.42.53-PM Computers are meant to be used. There’s no point in buying one to keep it locked up and only brought out for special occasions. That being said, even the toughest of the tough laptops out there can struggle to handle life at its fullest. They are machines, after all, and everything mechanical in the slightest bit is prone to breaking down with use.

Sometimes the problem that arises is easy to fix; other times, well, issues with well-used laptops (be it a Dell, an HP, a Lenovo, an Acer, a Sony Vaio or any other type) can go a bit deeper than a few surface malfunctions. If your laptop has experienced smoke damage, been around an extra furry cat, jammed into a sweatbox, been through a hurricane, had a coffee bath, or attended a soap bubble party, it is possible your computer is experiencing a problematic motherboard 


We Can Help

Bring your laptop in to our offices in South Miami today and we’ll diagnose the problem and find the best remedy. Our Preemo technicians are part of a highly trained team of super geeks with better qualifications and more experience in all aspects of computer repair than all the other groups of IT professionals in Miami-Dade County combined. We will diagnose the cause at fault quickly and ensure that your data will remain intact as part of our patent-pending 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Preemo Guarantee.

We’ll Come to You

And if you are too swamped to swing by our offices, we understand. That’s why you can schedule an in-home visit where we will come directly to you with our entire office in tow. Our stellar Preemo technicians arrive at your door prepared to take on any opponent threatening your computer’s motherboard [2].

Get the Preemo treatment today by calling us or scheduling an appointment online.

[1] Problems with motherboards are commonly (but not limited to) faulty d/c jacks, video cards, liquid damage, an excess of dust, overheating.

[2] And if we don’t solve the problem right the first time, the second trip out will be our treat. Yeah, we are that good that we don’t even worry about saying it.