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Laptop Keyboard & Mouse Repair Miami

Screen-shot-2012-01-10-at-1.51.07-PM Are your keys stuck or not working? Do you keep pounding the ‘d’ key but nothing happens no matter how hard you hit it? Put the hammer down, it won’t solve anything.

How about your mouse pad? Has it stopped responding to the heat of your touch? Does it lag behind your finger leaving you utterly unable to use it? Put the can of WD-40 down, it definitely isn’t going to help 


In the words of a famous New Yorker, “fuhgeddaboudit.” Our top of the line technicians at Preemo can quickly resolve any issue regarding a temperamental keyboard or mouse pad on your Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, Toshiba or Sony Vaio laptop without any risk of losing your data. It is a little issue, yes, one so pesky that many people overlook it and just get used to the problem. While it’s a great example of how adaptable people can be, there’s really no reason for them to have to do so in this case.

Come on by our offices in South Miami and your laptop can get the help it needs to keep up with you. So, don’t worry – lean back, relax and seriously, put the hammer down [2]. We’ve got this one and it’s backed by our one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee (patent-pending).

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[1] Contrary to popular belief, WD-40 is a poor lubricant (olive oil is better). WD-40 is a great sealant that stops rubber parts from drying out, metal from rusting and doors from squeaking, but as lubricants go, it’s almost mediocre.

[2] We understand how frustrating it is when a keyboard has a jammed key or your mouse pad lags. It is as infuriating as an itch you can’t scratch. It can derail your train of thought and evaporate that moment of inspiration that marks the difference between a project taking thirty minutes and four hours. You will end up with a mediocre product that took eight times the effort to get there, simply because of a pesky keyboard or mouse pad.

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