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The best IT Support in Fort Lauderdale with exceptional service and guaranteed work.

Preemo is a responsive, award-winning Fort Lauderdale IT Support Company that delivers all the power and capabilities of your own IT Department, without the hassle and expense of managing it yourself.

Simply put: you get more time to focus on growing your business.

Are you searching for reliable IT support in Fort Lauderdale?

We’ve got you covered. My name is Ivan Mladenovic, President & CEO of Preemo, and I personally guarantee we can eliminate all your IT headaches in less than a month. With Preemo, you’ll be able to:

  • Get quick, responsive support
  • Eliminate costly downtime
  • Ensure all your data is backed up
  • Understand your bill clearly

Preemo has been a trusted IT company in South Florida since 2009, and our core values include delivering a “Signature Experience”. We support all types of businesses, including
Law Firms, Medical Offices, Accounting Firms, and other Small Businesses.

Our award-winning Managed IT Services are exactly what you need.

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Ivan Mladenovic
President & CEO, Preemo

Ivan Mladenovic, Preemo

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Our small IT company couldn’t keep up with our fast-growing medical practice. We needed a better solution, one that proactively managed the needs of our office, and made our lives easier. Preemo has provided exceptional support, anticipating our needs, and reacting immediately when we need help.

Ana Maria Pardo, ALS Medical Associates

Preemo moved our entire company to the cloud about a year ago. We’ll never have to buy another server again, and we’ve improved the efficiency of all our remote employees. We’ve saved about $15,000 in this year alone, and countless hours of added productivity. We’re big fans of Preemo.

Morgan Ferris, All-Dade Logistics

Lifesavers—that’s the best way to describe Preemo. They saved our company’s server when our previous IT company was nowhere to be found. They recovered all our files, and set up a daily backup so it never happens again. We made the switch and haven’t looked back since. Thanks Preemo!

Luis Fernandez, The Alvarez Law Firm
Award for Best Managed Service Provider in Miami
INC 5000 Award Best IT Company
Award for Top 100 Vertical Market MSP
Expertise Award - Managed Service Provider
Clutch Award: Top Managed Service Providers
Featured on UpCity

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As a highly responsive and award-winning IT support company in Fort Lauderdale we takes care of all your IT needs with expertise. We guarantee 100% uptime and make sure you have no distractions with respect to IT operations and maintenance. We can power up your IT department with the proper guidance and management support, giving you the freedom to focus on developing your business.

One of the best parts about working with us is that we understand you. We help you get customized IT support solutions and services that will exactly match your needs and make way for optimal costs and efficiency.

Our IT support services are well-diversified, making it easy to apply to all areas of your business and improve them for better operational excellence.

Unmatchable IT Support And Services In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

You get hassle-free and expert IT management, ensuring 100% availability and no disruption.

Out IT management and support services are holistic and include:

User Support

We provide you with round a clock 24/7 customer service help desk. Our response times are the best in the industry, and we are keen to ensure none of your queries goes unresolved.

Network Management

Are you worried about the health of your growing network? Leave it to Preemo to properly maintain your network, servers, workstations, and all components of your IT infrastructure. We detect issues even before they arise and make sure to eliminate any possible problems from causing downtimes. We make sure to take routine and quick network maintenance activities and ensure your network stays up all times as it should.

Data Protection

Data holds the most value in an increasingly digital world. With Preemo, you can rest assured your data will be protected from all kinds of malware and cyber attacks like ransomware, email phishing. We scan the network in real-time and use up-to-date security mechanisms to put up robust data protection in place and ensure no cyber-threats can ever harm your business.

Managed IT Services

Our expert team of IT support and maintenance will act as your guardian against any IT problems you might experience. We respond quickly and give you well-tested and up-to-date quality solutions. We work alongside your business and make sure the focus is where you want to be. Hire our expert team to help you manage IT efficiently.

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